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How to Improve American Idol

May 24, 2009



As Simon Cowell reiterated throughout Season 8, this is a talent competition. Yet the American public has all sorts of reasons for voting for their candidate, often having nothing to do with talent. The judges are professionals who recognize it when they see it, yet their professional opinions are not factored into the voting  results. This is not fair to the contestants.

For the first time in Season 8 we saw the show give the judges a little more clout in the results by giving them a “save” to use one time to help a losing contestant, Matt Giraud,  who they deemed to have promise.  Whey not give them more influence on the results, to balance politics vs a true talent search? 

These professional judges should be part of the voting process. They would have to unanimously agree on their candidate, just like they did with the pass. Then a formula should be created where their vote factors in with the public vote…Say 50%? 

This would at least help to prevent travesties such as we witnessed in the Lambert/Allen fiasco.


If I Were Lost on Lost…

March 8, 2008

I think this so often when I watch that tv show… I think about what I would miss most if I dropped from the sky to an island with none of my belongings, none of my things.. . I would not miss my telephone. At all. I hate talking on the phone, which actually has cost me some friendships, but that’s another post for another day…. I would not miss my tv ( even though, ironically enough, I’m writing about a tv show premise ). My computer? Well, some. I prefer this communication medium. But mostly I would miss it so I could order books…whenever I want them…dropped to the island like they’re dropped into my mailbox… I honestly feel like I would go stark raving mad without them. I would be so bored! I was so happy for Sawyer when he got his glasses so he could read.  If I have a book with me I can deal with having to wait anywhere, at any time.Books to me are like candy to Hurley.  Also I would need my books to help me fall asleep at night….But then again, most of all I would need my meds delivered to the island so I could stay alive long enough to read all my book air drops….What would you need?