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Psyschscribe Quote # 19

February 27, 2008

“If we want our daughters to live out their hopes and dreams for the future, we can live out our own dreams.”   Sally Gelardin from her book The Mother-Daughter Relationship.

To My Adult Son Who Revealed He Writes Poetry

January 5, 2008

Its a secret language.

Only some can understand it,

a chosen few can speak it.

You must be initiated:

a bloody ritual of human sacrifice

and tormenting joy  that could not last.

Therefore the agony.

Like a prophet you are given the excruciating

vision          you scream and rage against it

but it is done to you      and when it is

finished you must write your poems

or you will die.

We’re marked but its invisible.

We walk alone       always alone

and if we are lucky we  recognize each other

along the way and  share      for a moment     

 the kinship of survival.

And so I greet you now,

you of my body and of my blood,

you        my first poem

and whisper this:

we are cursed but we are blessed.

You will be alright.

I can’t say more       they don’t allow it.

Each one must find it for himself.

So though I would stab my own heart with your pain

if I could        to spare you,

I rejoice in learning that

you too have grown wings

and fly closer      each day,

toward the gods.

Copyright Psychscribe 2008

Quote for you from Psychscribe

November 30, 2007

“Every woman extends backward into her mother and forward into her daughter.” Carl Jung