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Psychscribe Quote #59

May 4, 2009

“When there’s nothing left to be said, are you still saying it?” Old 60’s quote from who knows where…


Never Trust Anyone Past 30

January 18, 2008

In the hippie days, that slogan was everywhere: “Never trust anyone past 30.”  It was a dividing line…anyone older than 30 was considered “old” and not to be trusted because it was assumed they had a vastly different value system.  People who once touted that slogan became truly depressed when their 30th birthday hit. And I do mean hit.

I’m wondering if people will tell me where the dividing line is now, in your opinion? What age would be the beginning of  “old” and how old are you?  Boomers, young people (whatever age that is!) are all encouraged to reply.

 I really am curious, so thank you in advance for your replies.