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My new photo-blog!

April 21, 2009

Friends… Please check out my brand new photo-blog, Psychscribe Too.  

Thanks! Psych


Cranky Question

December 18, 2008



Does anyone LIKE that annoying SnapShots thing that appears when your mouse scrolls over links??? And then covers up the link?  Do you know you can disable it on your dashboard? If I did it, anyone can!!!

(Cranky woman image shamelessly borrowed from Can I Stay A Bit Longer. I hope she doesn’t get pissed but if she does….bring it on!!!!)

Am I Dead?

December 18, 2008

How weird is this? I just wrote a post today pondering if this might be the last day of my life. Then I went to comment on someone’s post to me, and my avatar was gone! Vanished! Here one moment and gone the next. All that represents me now is that ghostly, anonymous figure that I hate on others’ blogs.  Booooo!

Anyway, I don’t have the image of the rose I used for the last year or so that I’ve been blogging, so I uploaded the image from my header. 

Amazing how attached you can get to your avatar, our blogger  identity.

Blogging Addiction?

February 29, 2008

Ok, I am truly serious about this one. Does anyone else struggle with blogging when they’d rather be doing, or should be doing,  something else? Like right now for instance. I’ve decided to start a novel (I bought about 5 how to books but the bottom line is you have to start writing, duh!). I’ve had a neat plot idea for years but never stuck with it. 

 Now, since blogging, my love of writing has re-surfaced with a vengeance and my creative ideas are spilling all over the place and I’m thinking why not? To get a novel published is a lifelong dream of mine. Plus many of the short things I write on here could easily be made into full articles for a magazine. But I cannot start my day without checking in on my baby here…and feeding her some words for the day! Though as I think about it, the stats and comments are very rewarding, and I am also proud of my baby…oh well…off I go to my how to books (its the structure of the novel that has always gotten me down before…I get an idea but I don’t know where to go with it).

Anyway, it is one of the few goals in life I have not attained, other than a Ph.D – which will never happen due to the time and cost involved at my age, as well as my health issues.  But honestly, if I had to pick, I would rather have a book published than a doctorate. Wish me luck, friends! Off I go, then…

Do bloggers ever get “discovered” for creative professional work?

February 3, 2008

Writing was my first love. Its true. Before my first kiss at age 12 ( a yucky, sloppy, uckky one!) I was writing poetry and short stories. As time went on, I had a few small successes….an essay in the NY Times, an essay in a now defunct magazine called NJ Woman, an essay in another now defunct magazine called The Monroe Monthly…and poems in various small literary journals  as well as an online one.  Then I stopped, because franky the rejections got really tedious…and so I got into my education and career as a shrink, which I do indeed have a passion for.

But the creative urge never left me. I taught myself decoupage and truly enjoy the process, similar to writing, I just sort of float off into another dimension, find myself humming as I work, and consider it to be a passion….actually I don’t endeavor to do anything in my life which is not a passion – my lover, my career, my work, my hobbies….

But still….this blog as re-awakened my passion for writing. I love it, even if I only write small blurbs. I love that I can find old stuff I wrote 25 years ago and finally publish it!  

I love that I can get reactions to my work – its not just flung blindly out into the universe landing in a never to be read slush pile somewhere. Though I have to say that the rejection letters I got were rarely form letters…they were personal and explained exactly why the piece wasn’t right for them…

Anyway, as my title here asks, has anyone ever gotten “discovered” by a publisher who read their blog?

Can someone pls tell me what “trackback” means?

November 13, 2007

Thank you!

Defining moment right now

November 10, 2007

I have NO time to write, rushing out for the evening, husband giving me the countdown: “15 MINUTES TILL WE HAVE TO LEAVE!” now, all of a sudden I just got the “5 MINUTES I’LL GO WARM UP THE CAR!” but my fingers itch, no COMMAND me to jot something down in my blog before a day passes and I’ve missed an entry. (This after less than a week since I started this thing.)

I am a blogger.