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When I am Happiest

March 16, 2009


I’m happiest when I’m creating. I am totally present. It feels like God flows right through me. Peace and energy simultaneously! What could be better than that??? Pure joy! I honestly feel that both physical and spiritual healing continue to take place in me, the more I allow my creativity free reign. Poetry, jewelry designs, decoupage, photography- all of it. I’m working on a new jewelry design which i will show you later. I went to take photos of what i’ve done to show you guys but my battery was dead on my new camera ūüė¶

Anyway, just thought I’d share a happy mood for a change. ¬†By the way, the photo is not me but my sister and dearest friend, who shares my joy as described here…she’s an incredible mixed media artist so we are starting a business together. God I love her.


Soul Sketching

February 13, 2009


This wonderful collaboration grew ¬†from my two friends at Cafe Crem, ¬†Susan Cornelis and Kevin Moore. ¬†There’s so much more to discover about their talent:

Artist: Susan Cornelis

 Website: Imagine with Art

Art Blog: Susan’s Art and Sketchbook Blog

Composer and Musician: Kev Moore


Blog: Cafe Crem


February 2, 2009



I really must break the best kept “secret” on the web. If you have any creative spark, juice, electricity – professional or just yearnings, please do check out¬†Cafe Crem. This is an online, international ¬†cafe of the kindest, most wonderful people who encourage all efforts at all stages of artistic development.

The sense of generous, artistic community is truly a gift.  It was created, and continues to be developed by Miki, an awesome artist, and Kev, her partner, an awesome musician and writer.  Miki is French, Kevin is English, and they both live together in Spain.

There are different “rooms” in the cafe depending on your interest. ¬†There is the recently opened “Cafe Literati”( for the writers) ¬†the “Cafe L’Arte” ¬†(the Art¬† Gallery) ¬†“Ca’ Puccini”(the Music Studio) and “The Mini Bar”( for teens and kids).¬†

I love it there. Hope you will too.

Couples Clue Phone #5

April 2, 2008


Artist: Dante Gabriel Rosetti

I hate when I hear clients or professionals talking about having to “work at” a sexual relationship. That sounds about as exciting as cleaning the bathroom. Maintaining (or resurrecting) the sexual chemistry in a relationship is an art. Repeat: art. Its about flirting and seduction.¬†

I ask you, does this lovely lady look like she’s working?

Mystery Woman 1895

March 30, 2008


Artist: Peder Serverin Kroyer

Today I thought I’d send you all a lovely spring picture from my images collection….Enjoy!

A Cup of Grace for the Holiday Season

December 2, 2007

Borrowed from the artist  Willimam John Wainwright

This comes from the ARC online virtual art gallery Рa wonderful visual feast and resource for artists as well as those of us who rely on painting with words.  Enjoy!