How to Improve American Idol



As Simon Cowell reiterated throughout Season 8, this is a talent competition. Yet the American public has all sorts of reasons for voting for their candidate, often having nothing to do with talent. The judges are professionals who recognize it when they see it, yet their professional opinions are not factored into the voting  results. This is not fair to the contestants.

For the first time in Season 8 we saw the show give the judges a little more clout in the results by giving them a “save” to use one time to help a losing contestant, Matt Giraud,  who they deemed to have promise.  Whey not give them more influence on the results, to balance politics vs a true talent search? 

These professional judges should be part of the voting process. They would have to unanimously agree on their candidate, just like they did with the pass. Then a formula should be created where their vote factors in with the public vote…Say 50%? 

This would at least help to prevent travesties such as we witnessed in the Lambert/Allen fiasco.


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2 Responses to “How to Improve American Idol”

  1. leafless Says:

    I have never viewed ‘American Idol’ as a talent competition. The name already gives it away. They are looking for the next American idol and not the next talented singer.

    You have a point about the name. But all through the season they talk about it being a talent show.

  2. tobeme Says:

    I think this is all part of the fun and allure of this show. No one knows who will win. We all were betting on Adam, however Surprise! Truth is that the winners are not usually the ones who go on to become the biggest stars.

    Yeah, that is true..

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