Itching to Write A New Topic!



Well aren’t you so glad that you didn’t get to Psychscribe’s site only to hear more of the same…after a while I bet you started to feel itchy yourself!

Well I’m cheerful today because I feel good and its a gorgeous day here where I live. Green, green everywhere and glorious sun already at 9 am, after a week of rain.   And our  rhodies are beginning to bloom.

So… other things I’m cheerful about….

1. My friend Sanity Found read my fable, What Witches Know, and really liked it.

2. I have this whole week off to recuperate, which I will do by making my jewelry and learning Photoshop elements.

3. I have discovered the joys of Polymer Clay.

4. My daughter is starting her 6th month of pregnancy.

5. Less than 3 months till my son’s wedding.

6. I joined Twitter just to see what it was all about (not much!) but now I have this whole list to add just to SAY something. Depth is discouraged on Twitter by limiting the amount of lines you can write. It IS supposed to be a good marketing tool though, which I want to use once I get my business with my sister up and running.

7. Life is once again interesting now that I’m able to look beyond the confines of my body.

8. Umm…that’s good enough, yes? I was actually sitting here for a moment trying to think of two more things to make an even 10…why I have no idea. Too many memes. 

Enjoy your day everyone!

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4 Responses to “Itching to Write A New Topic!”

  1. San Says:

    You go girlfriend keep rocking it, reading this list just made my day a gazillion times better – your smile is catchy do you know that? Twitter huh… I’ll have to go hunting for you lol!

    Hugs and flowers, have a fantabulous day huns!

    Thanks! Are you on Twitter under your real name? I never did find you on face book. Look for me under my real name, k?

  2. J Says:

    I am so pleased to hear that you are feeling good. Reading this has been a positive end to what has predominantly been a negative day.
    Thank you.

    With love


    Oh J, I’m sorry your day was bad. I need to catch up on my blog reading to know what’s happening with you. Hugs, P.

  3. viv66 Says:

    I’m not surprised Sanity Found liked the story; it’s bloomin’ brilliant. It’s so full of nuances and meaning as well as being written in an elegantly understated manner (suits an understated Brit like me; I don’t dig hyperbole!) and is so clearly a new modern classic of the myth variety.
    I’ve been accused of witch craft often enough(while attending theological college as “college wife) to know what a damning and impossible thing it is. I wrote a novel based on it too; cathartic or what??

    Oh thank you so much Viv. Any ideas where I could submit it?

  4. viv66 Says:

    Have a look in one of the Writer’s Market type of books; I’m not sure what you have in the uSA, but there are some good source books that tell you what magazines etc take what.


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