Slowly Resurfacing

Well, finally no more itch, just extreme fatigue. I’m taking this week to recuperate and catch up on all the sleep I lost… I’ll be back, thanks for all the support, everyone….zzzzzzzzz


3 Responses to “Slowly Resurfacing”

  1. vanessaleighsblog Says:

    Oops, we crossed our comments and your new post here….

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The itching is GONE!!!!!!

    I am so happy. Keep us posted, and let me know if you need anything…..

    Thank you so much Vanessa for your constant caring.. One day we do need to meet in the flesh. Blessings. P.

  2. tobeme Says:

    Hang in there!

    Thank you so much, tobeme!

  3. San Says:

    Hearing that it has gone brought a lump to my throat and the hugest need just to give you a bear hug!!! How you fight through all of this, how you still manage to stand, it is a true inspiration to more than you could ever imagine! Love ya huns! *BEAR HUGS*

    Thanks San. But we are all fighters, aren’t we? Look how you’ve managed to stand all your life! Here’s a big BEAR HUG right back at ya!
    Love, P.

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