Lupus causing extended suffering

My previous post was tongue in cheek…but now, this is living hell…the constant itching is actually painful…dr has increased my antihistamine to the point that it knocks me out…when i wake up there is a 1 hour window (now) before i can take my next dose…i have to choose what feels like induced coma, or suffering…the lupus is making me suffer, exacerbating and extending the allergic reaction

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6 Responses to “Lupus causing extended suffering”

  1. mssc54 Says:

    When I had surgery on my ankle in February the surgeon gave me some pain killers that caused itching then he gave me something to stop the itching. I can look it up if you want.
    Thanks mssc54- i would be interestd to know if there’s something I haven’t tried..

  2. lupusranting Says:

    Geez … sometimes I wonder which is worse; the disease or dealing with the drug side effects. Hang in there!

    Thank you 😦 the allergic reaction is very, very slowly going away

  3. mssc54 Says:

    Look into hydroxyzine. Worked for me!

    Thanks mssc54 – I’m already on the capsules…

  4. leafless Says:

    My heart goes out to you. I pray that things will get better.

    Thank you very much, leafless.

  5. mssc54 Says:

    Well then try swallowing them! They worked better that way for me. Good luck on your journey.

    Of course i’m swallowing them!!!!!!!!

  6. vanessaleighsblog Says:

    Psych: I am SOOOO sorry for this torture you are enduring; please let me know if there is anything that I can do. After all, I am not far from your very own neighborhood…… sending you big hugs, which I hear can be anti-itch relief…….. 🙂

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