Psychscribe Quote #57

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“If you watch how nature deals with adversity, continually renewing itself, you can’t help but learn”  Bernie Siegel


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5 Responses to “Psychscribe Quote #57”

  1. leafless Says:

    People tend to underestimate their own abilities. Once we learn to appreciate ourselves, we will be off to a happy and prosperous life. A great quote!

    Thanks, leafless.

  2. leakelley Says:

    If we could slow down, pay more attention to nature, notice we are a part of the cycles, truly we could learn—or at least remember.
    Thank you for this.

    You’re very welcome, Leah.

  3. cordieb Says:

    We all can learn so much by examining nature. Nature instinctively knows just what to do in order that life continues the flow.

    Blessings, dear one.

    PLL, CordieB.

    Thanks Cordie dear….

  4. viv66 Says:

    I recently took a fab pic from the top of a Scottish mountain; having struggled all the way up in the rain, we started to go down and then the sun started to peep through and all of a sudden, a rainbow appeared- below us! The way the world can change in a matter of seconds is amazing and very encouraging…. we also saw a red squirel when we got down off the mountain, something I haven’t seen in 20 years.

    Hi Viv – yes, thank goodness for the magic of nature, and especially the promise of the rainbow! A red
    squirrel? I’ve never seen one? All we have are boring gray ones here, and the occasional black one.

  5. mssc54 Says:

    haha – Just look at the commercials for Roundup. Just give a little crack in a concrete driveway and something green will pop up. It’s as if nature is saying “You just try to stop me!”

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