UTI- Sick Humor


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6 Responses to “UTI- Sick Humor”

  1. Davis Says:

    glad we don’t get those

    You should be! Thanks for stopping by. Come again!

  2. viv66 Says:

    I had a bout of it last summer; not amusing as I spend half my time travelling. It hit as I was starting a long ride down to collect students from the Eurostar terminal at Ebsfleet. Fortunately I had a nice coach driver who not only was happy to make a loo stop but also at a Tesco’s supermarket where I could nip in and buy an over-the-counter remedy. i did end up at the doctor’s a few days later, and was diagnosed with not one but three sets of infection that were nibbling at my kidneys. Needless to say, I kept working despite it all, even though I was very prompt to leave my classroom at break and lunchtime.
    I read the Exorcist a few years back but have never yet seen the movie; too graphic for a wilting flower like moi, methinks, despite a calling as exorcist myself!

    Well then you can attest to the general theme of the cartoon! UUUUCKKKKKK

  3. mssc54 Says:

    Pills can cure anything… or at least make you think you are cured. 🙂

    Look at the cartoon again mssc54 – there is SUFFERING involved until the meds kick in!!!! Cheez – no empathy!!!! At least Davis had it for us women!

  4. viv66 Says:

    oh boy, the suffering. Try peeing ground glass, that about sums it up.
    Curiously, often elderly patients who present with dementia symptoms actually have UTIs and the dementia may often vanish when the UTi is treated.
    Mind you, if men get UTIs, which they do, it can be more serious. Not just the man flu effect, but basically an infection that makes it right the way up the male urethra is usually one mean mother, and then often heads straight for the kidneys….

    Exactly! Like peeing ground glass!!! I’ve never been able to describe it exactly right, now you gave me the words 😉

  5. viv66 Says:

    Funnily enough, if you have bladder stones or kidney stones that make it to the bladder, it feels like peeing out gravel or sharp sand. And you bleed afterwards. Not nice. Thankfully this has happened only once to me but when I had my appendix out, there was a lady in after an op for kidney stones and she’d had some doozies taken out because they were too big to pass!!

    Well there’s a life experience I’ll pass on, thank you very much!

  6. San Says:

    ROFLMAO oh boy that is just TFF!!!

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