Economy Crashing Home – AGAIN

Gloria Steinem once said that the personal is political. And I fully experienced what she meant. Now, in my life, the political is becoming personal. 

At least my husband’s job is intact…for now. Maybe it was a rumor that the business would fold, but the scare certainly got our attention regarding our vulnerability in this economy . Now, two other family members are definitely being hit.  These are not rumors. Both of them had their own businesses which in another economy would have made it. Now, they’ve lost everything.  Oh I know, I know, material things are not the most important things. We all  write about our values and all the wonderful abstractions that fill our souls and are what count. We talk about the value of suffering and what we learn from it. 

But it hurts like hell to watch your loved ones go through something like this. First, their grief over their lost businesses. I know. I’ve been there.  You put your all  into it and still you have to close the doors. And then the fear. Their fear and yours. What will they do next? What is there to do next in this economy? They’re qualified for jobs… just like  the millions of other equally qualified people  who are waiting on line for interviews.

I know, health comes first. Believe me I know. But right after that comes a sense of safety and security in the world as we’ve known it.  And that, for now, is gone.

First it was physical terrorism. Now our economy crumbling.  It sure feels like another type of terrorism, doesn’t it?


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4 Responses to “Economy Crashing Home – AGAIN”

  1. leakelley Says:

    That photo jumps from it’s time period into the present so easily.
    Yes, a different kind of terrorism…
    Well said.

  2. viv66 Says:

    I’m not sure about the terrorism bit, to be honest. I don’t know what it feels like in the US, of course, but I lived through the reign of terror that the IRA put us through and it feels nothing like that or the more recent Al Qaida threats. Here there is vivid resentment of the banks and specific figures in the financial institutions, plus the government, and a very real waking up to questions of personal values. I read yesterday that failed or sacked bankers are signing up to train as teachers, that they are re-evaluating their moral lives and seeking to do something more worthwhile with their lives. The cynic in me sees that since the government is offering various sweeteners for this willing to do a crash course in teaching, it’s sure as hell a better option that the dole. But of some of these guys(and it is predominantly guys) have woken up to the realisation that money and the pursuit ruthlessly thereof does not equate to happiness or meaning in life, then great. I just wish they weren’t doing it on OUR money.

  3. vanessaleighsblog Says:

    It is so scary these days, to consider that we have to be so careful to try to hold onto what we have. Sure, health and love and family are key, but we need things like money and careers to care properly at times for those things; to provide shelter and food, and to be able to thrive. I am so sorry for your family members and hope that things will turn up for them soon…….

    Thanks Van.

  4. San Says:

    Know what you mean, alot of my family are in the process of losing their homes, cars, everything… so sad


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