Blogs much better than Facebook

I admit I’ve only been fooling around with it since yesterday, but I’m convinced that those youngsters have made it purposely confusing in order to keep out parents and  poor old boomers like me who find it increasingly difficult to multitask. 

Well that’s ok, everyone deserves a place of their own. This is mine.


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4 Responses to “Blogs much better than Facebook”

  1. mssc54 Says:

    ROFL!! I finaly broke down and joined the Facebook crowd.

    It is very different than blogging. I’m sort of abusing the “Michael is…” section where you write what you are doing at the time. I’ve been writing “Michael is updating comments on his blog.” and then putting the link lol.

    Also I’ve figured out a way to drive more traffic toward my blog posts. In the “Tags” section I put “FREE PORN!” hahahaha

    You are TOO much-Hahahah!

  2. fibi Says:

    I know what you mean.. I have a facebook account – but I don’t use it that much at all..

    I’m glad you’re on here.. I feel that this is a much better medium to express who & how you are as a person (Facebook allows you to maintain contact with people – not necessarily share your thoughts & feelings)..

    Thanks fibi- i hope the facebook following goes SOMEPLACE to share thoughts and feelings 🙂

  3. J Says:

    “everyone deserves a place of their own. This is mine.”

    This is a much better place than facebook will ever be.
    I do have a facebook account but I agree with fibi that it’s not the place (at least for me) to express my thoughts and feelings.

  4. viv66 Says:

    I was bamboozled into Facebook by a friend and would like to deactivate my account. I’m bored with it! But it does seems a good way of spying on-sorry, keeping up with- my colleagues!
    That said, it does mean I can keep in some sort of contact with friends, though I would much rather have a proper chat.
    It astounds me that some of my friends have six hundred and more friends on theirs but I’m told that’s normal, just to add anyone who asks or collect friends like kids used to collect stamps. I also grind my teeth with frustration at the way so many people use text speak for typing messages…. it will not do them any good when they forget how to spell and write properly! Keep the text speak for text and for Twitter(which I also have an account but can’t see the point of!)

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