Hey Guys, Remember Me?

Well…I’m back….the art show was a mixed bag…it was run very poorly and it turned out that we vendors were just another event for the retreat attendees, crammed in between seminars, massages, and various other enticing distractions…so attendance was light and we were all disappointed at that. I sold eight pieces of jewelry so I’m grateful, people really liked it, but some people didn’t even sell one thing after all the work. I felt so badly for them. My sister lugged 30 framed art pieces and sold only one small one.

But we’re not giving up, we learned a lot in terms of pricing, display, etc. and also connected with other people who gave us locations of craft shows that bring serious buyers. Also, of course, people were tight with spending due to the economy. But  I had fun and it was a rush when people actually wanted to buy something that I made!

Anyway, its taken me till now to recuperate. I slept for days afterward. That’s all for now, back to my day job 🙂  I will be catching up on all your blogs in the coming days.


5 Responses to “Hey Guys, Remember Me?”

  1. vanessaleighsblog Says:

    I am glad that you got some good info for future sales, and that you did sell some stuff, that is awesome!!!! I am planning on getting over to the jewelry part of your blog to check it out soon……

    Get rested…..

    Thanks Vanessa. There’s nothing of mine in the jewelry section yet. They’re just links for people interested.

  2. viv66 Says:

    Well done and welcome home.
    I used to go to those sorts of events as a therapist and give demo massages for a donation, and it was fascinating to watch things going on around me. I also noticed that those who sold best didn’t over do the prices.

    Thanks Viv.

  3. mssc54 Says:

    Okay so fess up… did you use any of my suggestions?

    Ummm….no….there weren’t even enough people for such a thing,…but i will at a future better attended event.

  4. goldenamber Says:

    Oh sure.. but where are the pics of the damn jewelry huh? huh??? Huh????

  5. leafless Says:

    Sometime the experience is more important than the outcome.

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