Doctor Knows Best


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5 Responses to “Doctor Knows Best”

  1. viv66 Says:

    In the UK we have the right to see our medical records regardless of whether we can understand them. Few take advantage of it but it does make doctors leery of writing stuff that is a direct criticism of the patient! I can also read upside down and speed read what’s on the computer screen, and most of the doctors I have had over the years have cottoned on to the fact that I have a brain. My pain specialist(who is a special man in many ways) did remark on the subject to me last time I saw him, along the lines of he didn’t have many patients who knew what Occam’s razor actually was, let alone use the term in conversation.
    The opposite problem is now coming for me in that they don’t explain things because they assume(either rightly or wrongly) that I already know what a term means or what a test is actually for. I keep schtumm, make a mental note and look it up when I get home! But that’s just me being vain!

  2. mssc54 Says:

    It’s only two words, “my records”. Which word is too hard to understand?!

  3. viv66 Says:

    “My records” hmmm, yes, definitely.
    This reminds me of a fridge magnet my daughter gave me, which has a very irritated rhino staring at the camera, and the caption, “What part of NO didn’t you understand??” I collect rhinos and aspire to be one, at least in terms of the thicker skins aspect anyway; they’re actually very sweet and sensitive creatures, but they do have about the thickest hide of any animal, and I have too thin a skin.

  4. mssc54 Says:


    I saw “Saimah says:” same (exact) comment on two other blogs the same day.

    Either he/she takes a lot of naps or….

    I was wondering what on earth that meant! Thx, I’ll delete it.

  5. goldenamber Says:

    bwahahahahahahha… damn story of my life!!! yet.. no one tries that with me these days….

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