Ever Happen to You?


Commentary: I wonder how many hits mapquest has lost as a result of the GPS…Then again, I used to sometimes get poor directions from Mapquest as well….


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7 Responses to “Ever Happen to You?”

  1. Davis Says:

    I’ve given up on Mapquest and now use Yahoo Maps instead. Too many wrong directions from Mapquest.

    Hey, thanks for the tip. And thanks for stopping by 🙂

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    […] Tucker Stone placed an interesting blog post on Ever Happen to You?Here’s a brief overview Commentary: I wonder how many hits mapquest has lost as a result of the GPS…Then again, I used to sometimes get poor directions from Mapquest as well…. Posted in funny, humor Tagged: funny, GPS, humor, humour, mapquest, mapqwest […]

  3. viv66 Says:

    I often have to navigate for foreign speaking coach drivers round the English countryside and I’m not sure what I hate more: the ones who use a satNav system or the ones that won’t/don’t. Unless you have the right programme, the sat nav will direct the coach down highly unsuitable roads and more than once I have been obliged to scream at the driver(in whatever langauge I can manage!) “NOT DOWN THERE!” I have once actually grabbed his arm to stop him turning a coach down a track that I know peters out into a tiny singlelane road with ditches either side…
    But the ones who won’t use their sat nav are maddening in cities too, because I can’t tell from the monkey seat(the courier seat next to the driver) if we can get down the entrance or not. I’ve come home from some trips sure I was about to have a MI due to the stress!
    We don’t have a sat nav but have a road atlas, a few maps of main cities and me, praying for guidance on high that I get it right!!!

    This is funny! You ought to make a post out of it!

  4. viv66 Says:

    My jobs(because I have three!) do bring me funny scenarios indeed, but the stress is there, in a high dose at times. My heart tends to sink when I realise I’ve got a French/German driver to navigate; I introduce myself as I get on, usually in their language and then ask if they speak any English. I am much happier when i get one of our coach drivers, most of whom I know quite well by now, because they don’t need me to navigate. Technically as courier, I am not responsible for navigating but when a driver says, “Mais, vous etes le guide!” and throws up his hands in Gallic horror, what can you do?
    I keep promising to write up The Worst Week (so far) of My Working Life, but I may need therapy afterwards!!!!


  5. leafless Says:

    Better than nothing, I guess. 🙂

    As long as the natives are friendly and not hungry 😉

  6. vanessaleighsblog Says:

    I am resistant to the whole GPS thing; I guess because as a family, we thoroughly enjoy the part of the journey that means reading maps and following paper directions. So we will stay with that intervention for as long as we can!!!!

  7. Rhea Says:

    I’ve had some great directions from Mapquest and some lousy ones, but now that I have a GPS I also get some lousy directions and map errors there, too. But I can send in corrections to the company (TomTom).

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