Icicles on Rhododendrens

     “ICICLES ON RHODODENDRENS”    ©2009 Psychscribe


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7 Responses to “TimeSnatcher4”

  1. vanessaleighsblog Says:

    Beautiful shot…….you have such a good eye!!!

    Thanks Vanessa! I’m having so much with yet another creative outlet! (I also make jewelry, and of course the blog in itself is a creative endeavor..)

  2. froggywoogie Says:

    You are talented, really!

    Well thanks froggywoogie. Who knew???? !!!

  3. SanityFound Says:

    Beautiful shot huns, was wondering if you use a tripod and if you’ve played with macro yet?

    Not yet! I just move the dials around on my camera and hope for the best!!!!

  4. leafless Says:

    A beautiful winter sight. Thanks for sharing.

    Thank you, leafless! And thanks for stopping by.

  5. fibi Says:

    Truly beautiful.. I just love the way you’ve captured the drips..

    Thanks so much fibi!

  6. Amber Says:

    Beautiful.. just beautiful…

    Thats a keeper for sure…

    What lens did you use? Are you using the 18-55 that comes with the camera? Or did you buy something else?

  7. psychscribe Says:

    Thanks Amber – I used the one that comes with the camera. I don’t even know one
    technical thing about the camera yet!

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