Lupus, UTI’s, & the 30% Club



I wrote in a previous post that I am one of the 30% of lupus patients who have an increased frequency of UTI’s…like, VERY increased. And painful.  The only treatment plan my urologist has is for me to take low doses of macrodantin every day, indefinitely..then increase the dosage when I am actively infected…I’m wondering if anyone else is in the 30% club, and what your treatment plan is? Hopefully yours….


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2 Responses to “Lupus, UTI’s, & the 30% Club”

  1. Amber Says:

    God, why can’t they just diagnose me with Lupus and get it over with…. dang it….

    I have chronic cystitis… drives me insane!!!!

    Upping my intake of water really helps… unfortunately, I have yet to find anything else is really helpful. I don’t like long term affects of things like Bactrim and the like because your body builds up eventual immunity. It just SUCKS!

    I also wear more breathable underwear, don’t wear any at night, etc. You can try also (ok for squeamish people out there turn away now) using plain yogurt as a cleanser. There are plenty of things about that on the net if you have an interest.

  2. cystitis Says:

    why don’t you try a natural remedy ?
    Atleast it won’t harm your urinary organs or their immuniyt..

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