Friends: Phone vs Email Time

First, let me start off by saying I am not a phone person. I just don’t like chatting on the phone. I get very impatient. That being said, I love emails and keep in touch with just about everyone that way. I think one of the reasons social email is so popular is that we can converse on our own time and schedule, sequentially rather than simultaneously.  Most of us lead such hectic lives…

So I have to prioritize. My family, I talk  to on the phone. We need to hear each other’s voices. And I think we would all agree that its nice to hear our friend’s voices once in a while! But I have had conflicts with friends who have different communication needs and want more phone time. Yet when I think of my blogger friends, I have never heard their voices yet know and feel their distinct personalities, their dreams and heartaches, and I worry about them when things are going badly for them.

I don’t know… the friends thing can be so difficult sometimes.

12 Responses to “Friends: Phone vs Email Time”

  1. goodbadandugly2 Says:

    I TOTALLY agree with this! 🙂

  2. psychscribe Says:

    goodbadandugly2: thanks for visiting, and thanks for the validation 🙂

  3. leafless Says:

    Personally, I prefer the old fashioned phone. Words just are not enough for me.

  4. fibi Says:

    I like both.. I think with phone calls you can get nuances that the written word just does not contain.. However, for time restraints – this medium is great..

  5. SanityFound Says:

    I am going to send you a voicemail then you can hear how innocent I really am … *grins big* love ya huns!

  6. mssc54 Says:

    I grew up with four sisters and a mom and now have four daughters and a wife.

    You not wanting to talk on the phone sounds like your estrogen is low. Get an Rx from your doctor and all will be normal. 😉

  7. psychscribe Says:

    mssc54: I grew up with a father, a brother, and lots of male cousins. I now have a daughter, a son, a son-in-law and two step sons.

    Your response here sounds like your testosterone is too high. Get a date with your wife and all will be normal. 😉

  8. mssc54 Says:

    ROFL first time I’ve been accused of having to much testostrone.

    A date sounds awesome. We should do that more than once a month.

  9. yellow6347 Says:

    I like both, but blogging and email sort of stick to the subject. So many times and phone call can just go on and on and on and never stick to the real need.

  10. psychscribe Says:

    yellow6347: exactly! on and on and on and on 🙂

  11. vanessaleighsblog Says:

    I also like both. There are times when email, blogging and IM fit the purpose for me; but I also crave the voices of my family and friends at times; even if the conversation doesn’t seem to follow any kind of pattern, sometimes i just need to hear them live, or better yet, see them live.

    Of course, I hope for that to happen one day with all of my blogging friends as well!!!!

  12. Amber Says:

    You know hon, everyone gets information in a different way. Some people hear it, some people see it, some people sense it. We are all built differently. The idea is to be able to bend sometimes toward them, and they towards you and understand each other a little.

    I do get it. These days I keep in touch far more with email than by phone or anything else. Its bizarre. I don’t know how to explain it either… just how it is. What I have time in my life for…? *shrug*

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