My First Photos

Ok, a professional I’m not…but Santa did bring me my camera so I can’t resist showing you my first attempts…


River Through Winter Trees






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10 Responses to “My First Photos”

  1. leakelley Says:

    My Kitty, Isabel looks a lot like Molly.
    Good job with your new camera!

  2. sorrentolens Says:

    Great photos! Looking for more.

  3. psychscribe Says:

    Thanks leakelley! are your cats Maine Coons?

    sorrentolens: thank you as well. the encouragement is much appreciated, especially after looking at yours, and leakelley’s work 🙂

  4. SanityFound Says:

    Psych dahlink you got an eye, that first photo should be blown up big on canvas and put on a wall – that is just hands down beautifuls!!! Cute kitties, adorable and lovable!

  5. psychscribe Says:

    Sanity: thanks dahlink! and i’ve been making jewelry all day – the muse is upon me!!

  6. fibi Says:

    Love the trees – truly beautiful..

  7. psychscribe Says:

    Thanks fibi! 🙂

  8. yellow6347 Says:

    The pictures are beautiful. Great eye.

  9. psychscribe Says:

    yellow6347: Thanks so much for the encouragement! 🙂

  10. Amber Says:

    Ok, Im flat jealous of that first photo. Honey thats a magnificent shot. Its a WOW! Seriously… I forgot all about you getting your new camera. Im soooooo pleased.

    The kittys are so beautiful!

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