Am I Dead?

How weird is this? I just wrote a post today pondering if this might be the last day of my life. Then I went to comment on someone’s post to me, and my avatar was gone! Vanished! Here one moment and gone the next. All that represents me now is that ghostly, anonymous figure that I hate on others’ blogs.  Booooo!

Anyway, I don’t have the image of the rose I used for the last year or so that I’ve been blogging, so I uploaded the image from my header. 

Amazing how attached you can get to your avatar, our blogger  identity.


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2 Responses to “Am I Dead?”

  1. SanityFound Says:

    Ah a slight glitch with the latest wordpress upgrade, a few of us have had the same problems 😦 Loves your new one!

  2. psychscribe Says:

    well now my old one, the rose, is coming up!

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