When Alpha Males Get Sick

hallsbalsamLord help me. He only gets sick once a year, but when he does my hero turns into my worst nightmare.  I truly appreciate that he patiently takes care of me all the rest of the year above and beyond the call of duty, with my lupus and all, but BOY…paybacks are a bitch! He won’t let me take care of him… he wants me to take care of him…. he doesn’t need help…he does need help. I am trying not to get too close physically so I don’t catch his germs. He finds this to be insulting. When I tell him  that I miss his hugs, he looks accusingly at me like its all my fault. I’m also supposed to be a mindreader. When I ask him if he’s hungry, he’s not. Five minutes later I find him cooking himself some soup and sneezing into it. Mmmm….yummy…He then graciously offers me some, which I graciously decline.. And, worst of all, he’s a VERY cranky patient who isn’t a patient.

And just so you know, Alpha Males don’t marry Florence Nightingales. Truthfully, I HATE being a nurse. 

I hope I don’t get sick for Thanksgiving 😦


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6 Responses to “When Alpha Males Get Sick”

  1. Femme Suisse Says:

    Good luck with that!

  2. mssc54 Says:

    Sounds like you need to record some of this for replay at a timely date. 😉

  3. psychscribe Says:

    mssc54: Ha! He’s already feeling better. I made him read it out loud to me and he did laugh at himself 🙂

  4. psychscribe Says:

    Femme: thank you! and welcome to my blog!

  5. lupusranting Says:

    Sick alpha males can be the biggest ninnies of the human species. But if he’s doing a Flo for you when lupus has the upper hand, then kudos to him! It really sucks to deal with lupus on your own.

    And the mindreader thing? That’s because for the most part, women are Falopians … it’s really not the guy’s fault. 🙂

  6. dontloseyourhair Says:

    Hi there, it’s really good to see a well written blog that’s insightful as well as entertaining. cheers!

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