Psychscribe Quote #45


C. 2008    

“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.” Buckminster Fuller



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4 Responses to “Psychscribe Quote #45”

  1. Amber Says:

    That is true and beautiful!

  2. SanityFound Says:

    I love love LOVE this one so close to my heart it now is! An interesting thought… there is nothing in the butterfly that says it was a caterpillar, we must never judge a book by its cover for the story of the journey it has travelled lies within it.

  3. Mike on the road Says:

    You might see this around on others blogs but I had to share it with you because it might mean something to you,

    Rainer Maria Rilke in Letters To A Young Poet,

    ”Go within and scale the depths of your being from which your very life springs forth. At its source you will find the answer to the question, whether you must write. Accept it, however it sounds to you, without analyzing. Perhaps it will become apparent to you that you are indeed called to be a writer. Then, accept that fate; bear its burden, and its grandeur, without asking for the reward that might possibly come from without. For the creative artist must be a world of his own and must find everything within himself and in nature, to which he has betrothed himself.”

  4. psychscribe Says:

    This is beautiful, Mike- but what are you doing online? I thought you’d said good bye to focus on your writing…?

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