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Headlines from the  Lupus Foundation of America :


“Congress Reaffirms Support and Continues Funding For Lupus Research, Education and Patient Registry

Congress has again provided funding for critically important lupus research and education programs advocated by the Lupus Foundation of America.  President Bush recently signed the Consolidated Security, Disaster Assistance, and Continuing Appropriations Act of 2009 (H.R. 2638).  This legislation continues funding for important lupus programs, including basic, clinical and epidemiological research, and public education and awareness initiatives.
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Fluorescent Light Bulbs and People with Lupus  


Some reports suggest that there may be enough UVB radiation in fluorescent light bulbs to cause photosensitivity in people with lupus. Are you one of the people affected by fluorescent light bulbs? Please share your story with us

Save the Date for Advocacy Day 2009 — March 2-3, 2009!  


The Lupus Foundation of America’s 11th Annual Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill will take place March 2-3, 2009! Mark your calendars today!

In 2008, more than 300 people with lupus, their families, and health professionals visited with Members of Congress, and asked them to increase government funding for lupus medical research and to enact legislation that will greatly expand federal efforts on lupus.
Read what others had to say about Advocacy Day 2008.

Sign up to be an e-Advocate for the Lupus Foundation of America  


LFA e-Advocates are an important group of lupus activists who stand ready to spring into action when called upon. Our e-Advocates will respond to legislative alerts by contacting their federal or state elected officials to educate them on issues of critical importance to people with lupus, their families and health professionals.
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8 Responses to “Lupus News”

  1. Amber Says:

    That is fantastic news. I hope they find a cure for all Auto Immune Diseases soon! Give people back their lives….

  2. lupusranting Says:

    I read your post and contacted the lupus advocacy group about fluorescent light. I hope something can be done for those with extreme photosensitivity!

  3. maryam daher Says:

    I like you to please share with me this “fantastic news” on LUPUS!. Have they found a cure for Auto Immune Diseases! I am suffering from mild SLE and I am on cortisone 12.5 mg/day. How do I get rid of this over time.Any suggestions for a cortisone sparing drug?

    Thanks. Maryam

  4. psychscribe Says:

    Hi maryam,
    The fantastic news is that the US Congress has continued to provide funding for lupus research. The Lupus Foundation of America has fought long and hard to continue to be recognized as deserving and needing these funds. Without research, we don’t move forward to a cure, right? If you read the article up above, it tells you all about it.
    I really don’t know any cortisone sparing drug. I’m currently consulting with a homeopathic doctor to see what he can do for me, but we’re still in the testing stage.
    Thank you for visiting and I hope you come by again.

  5. psychscribe Says:

    Hi lupusranting, I am so glad you contacted them. Every voice needs to be heard, and is a help. Please keep us posted if you hear any more of this.

  6. psychscribe Says:

    Thanks Amber 🙂

  7. sisterofLupus Says:

    Are there any DVDs to educate children of parents with Lupus. My sister has lupus and my 11 yr old niece is being really defient. I want some type of child-friendly DVD or video cassette that I can show her to help her see that her behavior is stressful and that: Lupus+stress=no good! Please help!

  8. psychscribe Says:

    Hello sisteroflupus, what a great idea that is…but i have no idea if such a thing exists. You could contact the Lupus Foundation of America or google YouTube. Somewhere on my blog there are YouTubes about Lupus, which I think an 11 yr old could understand. So you could try searching my blog for those as well. Good luck, and thanks for visiting.

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