My Daughter’s Wedding & The Notebook

Oh, what a wedding it was! Everything and more than we’d dreamed of since she was five, when I caught her in our yard literally kissing frogs because, “I have to find my prince, Mommy.” She apparently squeezed one frog so ardently that she frantically presented it to me because she…well….she couldn’t wake it up.

I raised my princess to be strong, assertive, and independent. She did not need Prince Charming to save her or rescue her, but she did find a Prince Charming who is fairy tale handsome, protective, nurturing, kind, strong, gentle, and  generous.  (And yes, also an alpha male!)

Oh, what beautiful babies they will make!

They’re twenty eight, have been together for seven years, and lived together for the past two. So her new husband already felt like family, it seemed to me. Yet witnessing for them as they signed their marriage license, and watching them go through the ritual in the church, somehow made me love him differently. Because now he IS family. He will be the father of my grandchildren. He will take care of me when I’m old, if I should need it. He’s that kind of man, a good man. And so is his family. Our tiny family, long since dwindled from what it once was,  has  somehow been blessed with in-laws who have already absorbed us into their tribe. We have long yearned for this void to be filled. 

They looked gorgeous. They looked madly in love, even after all this time.  They never left each other’s side but ate and danced and laughed the night away. Their song was “I Could Not Ask for More”  by Ed McCain.   But I found this one on YouTube sung by a female vocalist, with video clips from The Notebook, my daughter’s and my all time favorite romantic movie. The lovers here remind me of my new newlyweds:



I truly could not ask for more.


5 Responses to “My Daughter’s Wedding & The Notebook”

  1. SanityFound Says:

    Awwws am so glad that it went well and that you were filled with warm fuzzies. Hugs to you and the family, both new and old. Just beautifuls, I was so excited for you and could barely wait – even had it in my calendar! lol

  2. psychscribe Says:

    San, you are the absolute best! xxxxooo Psych

  3. Amber Says:

    Thank you for sharing this. We were all wondering how it went. It touched my heart how you wrote about your son in law now truly being family. How sweet.

    Gosh, I love weddings like that. Bride and Groom so in love. Thats wonderful.

  4. psychscribe Says:

    Thanks Amber. I still feel all gushy about it.

  5. ali Says:

    Sorry I haven’t read your blogs in awhile.. This was absolutely amazing. Thank you for being the best mom ever. I guess it’s not hard to figure out where I got my romantic edge from 🙂 Love you.

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