No Posts Lately – Sorry


Copyright 2008 Jupiter Images

Copyright 2008 Jupiter Images

Chronic illness can have an effect on even the strongest relationships…So Alph and I are going through some tough times right now…causing me to be too depressed to write…anyway, thanks for still checking in and I will be back soon I hope….

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7 Responses to “No Posts Lately – Sorry”

  1. SanityFound Says:

    Hang in there huns and you know where my ears are, they are yours if you need them… huge hugs to you!!!

  2. Amber Says:

    Sending you a kiss and a smile… you know where I am if you need me.

  3. justordinary Says:

    Hang in there psych…just another hurdle to climb…which you will do so I have no doubt.

    I wish for your quick return!


  4. SanityFound Says:

    Just thought I’d tell you that I am eating a cookie for you – Chocolate chip with sprinkles, when last did you have a piece of cake?

  5. romelettedj Says:

    hang in there, i know the feeling.


  6. nightvisitor Says:


    I just wanted you to know that a post on your blog really helped me to feel better this evening. I was really feeling very sorry for myself and googled it and your blog post on compassion vs feeling sorry for yourself was one of the top hits. I really had good reason to feel sorry for myself and I don’t think I do it often enough. I rarely cry, I just feel frustrated instead. But my frustration with a long frustrating situation just boiled over the pot this week and I have not been able to do anything all week but feel unrelenting anger. I slept an hour all together on Monday night and very little sleep since then. Tonight it was long past my bedtime and I was tossing and turning again and gave up and got up to use the computer. Really, reading your post was just like hearing a close friend tell me to go ahead and feel some compassion for myself and I finally found myself crying my anger out.

    So I hope that will give you some comfort to know that you have helped a complete stranger with your blog.

    I hope you are able to feel better soon. Wish there was something I could do for you. 🙂

    Thanks very much….

  7. psychscribe Says:

    Thank you so much for telling me that, night visitor…it helped me in ways you can’t possibly imagine…

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