What Do You Do When You Can’t Sleep?

Me?  I: 

1. Reach for my laptop.

2. Catch up on reading other people’s blogs.

3. Try to write a post of my own. Can’t. Creativity is still sleeping.

4. Attempt to clean out my mailbox. Realize I have a serious email hoarding problem.

5. Pick up that boring novel I’ve been reading, then wonder why on earth I’m still reading it if its so boring. Do I have to know the ending? Will the world stop if I never find out? 

6. Listen to the birds begin their morning chirping and wonder, really cranky now, what on earth there is to to sing about when you’re up at 5:30 a.m. ?

7. Write a silly list like this which actually IS putting me to sleep – and probably you too…

8. Keep pushing because it just feels like there should be ten things here…

9. Notice my two cats snoozing happily at the foot of my bed and, not for the first time, feel jealous of the life of a cat. At least, my pampered cats. Though, on second thought, I wouldn’t want to have to eat their stinky cat food. Ew.

10. Consider learning more about my new mac, which is so easy that its hard, and decide I’d rather be sleeping…

What do YOU do when you can’t sleep?  

Nite all…No, correct that to Good Morning….



8 Responses to “What Do You Do When You Can’t Sleep?”

  1. selva Says:

    1. listen songs with my IPOD.

  2. lkwinter Says:

    I do a 3am grocery shopping run, come home eat frozen pizza with an energy drink, then read other people’s blogs about what they do when they can’t sleep either…

    good luck getting some sleep; I’ll probably have to wait this one out as this, for some unlucky reason, only happens to me when I have a test the next day. :/

  3. InSanityFound Says:

    ROFL I talk to crazy people via yahoo / msn, they get me laughing and the endorphins flowing which help me pass out and snore loud snores which I naturally deny.

    Our time zones are different so if you ever get bored from lack of sleep give me a shout ok hun 🙂

  4. Amber Says:

    LOL – I too talk to crazy ppl half way around the world in the middle of the night who completely disturb me!

    I also read medical journals for the latest advancements in science and research so that I have a good understanding of medicine and psychology.

    I blog too… that is if Im not laughing too hard from the conversation with strange strange people.

  5. glaize Says:

    I’ll be on the computer, surfing and ends up wondering why am I still not in bed when I’m supposed to. Surfing at night gets me sleepy – all the time 😀 except if I’m blogging.

    Oh and I’ll be wishing for it to rain – I love rainy nights where I’ll snuggle under my blanket. No rain? I turn on the fan to the max and pretend it’s raining.


  6. psychscribe Says:

    glaize i have ALWAYS loved the sound of a fan when i go to sleep, even in the dead of winter…its so soothing, isn’t it…

  7. SanityFound Says:

    ROFL at strange strange people that disturb phew you’re telling me – this woman, Psych, has me in hysterics everyday (just between you and me there are a few fruit loops missing… wait thats me dang)

  8. Suzyyy Says:

    I listen to music go on myspace and go on random websites.
    oh yea i was up all night till 5 shopping online. not cool cuz my moms gonna hate me. hmm watch tv. or eat. :/ talk to my boyfriend.
    wow ive been going to sleep at 5 for the past two months.,
    i dont think its healthy :c
    what else is there to do at 4:33?

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