“Author Unknown” finds her post here

I had posted this quote, author unknown, on 12/15/07. Today the author contacted me and identified herself. Her son had recognized her quote and pointed her this way. I think its only fair to quote her again with proper attribution so here it is. And  anyone who likes my site should visit hers – she is definitely another kindred soul…:

“”In and out… up and down…. over and over…. she wove her strands of her life together….patching hole after hole…eventually she saw it was much more than the threads which gave her strength….it was in the very act of weaving, itself, that she became strong.”Author Unknown

by terri st. cloud



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2 Responses to ““Author Unknown” finds her post here”

  1. SanityFound Says:

    Oh wow, I have goosebumps now 🙂

    Again fabulously true quote!

  2. Bill Howdle Says:

    What an excellent statement. I am glad you were able to identify the author, she deserves much credit for the wisdom.

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