LOST – Jack or Sawyer?

Ok….naughty Psych is thinking….if you HAD to spend the night with either Jack or Sawyer, and it would bring about world peace, and the cure for all diseases…and NO repercussions from your partner….who would you pick….Jack or Sawyer?  😉




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8 Responses to “LOST – Jack or Sawyer?”

  1. izikavazo Says:

    Well if I had to sleep with one of them I’d choose Sawyer cause Jack would probably cry afterwards, and that would be awkward.
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  2. psychscribe Says:

    Oh, I just stopped by your blog is so cool for a Lostie like me – I’ll be back!

  3. psychscribe Says:

    Also, Sawyer is hot and Jack is not. There we have it….I have publicly announced my bias….

  4. innovatel Says:

    @psychscribe -> Are you a lost fans? I never see it … do you say?

    [OT] On my blog I wrote a post about an important race in amerca, if you want to read I’m waiting you … it’s in Italian .. you can use the google translate. sorry 😦 [/OT]

  5. innovatel Says:

    I skip a step of the comment … in wordpress italy we have the follows blog about lost more important:



  6. SanityFound Says:

    ROFL Well see I just love that roguish look that Jack sports so well… Oh dang he’s gorgeous!!! Cruel you are!

    I’ve only watched on episode of Lost so “personality” wise I am lost (scuz the pun)

  7. Dr. Aaron Libby Says:

    Sawyer will see Jack die, like he says in episode 8 season 1

  8. Izikavazo Says:

    Whoa, I have no memory of Sawyer saying that.
    I’m rewatching Lost and I’m at 106 so I’ll keep an eye out for that. It could be very significant.

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