Psychscribe Quote #33

“What kind of life would we like our daughters to have? In order to help our daughters and other young women discover the meaning of lifework success, first we need to examine what lifework success means for us.” Sally Gelardin from her book The Mother-Daughter Relationship


2 Responses to “Psychscribe Quote #33”

  1. amberfireinus Says:

    The kind of life that I want for my niece is one I teach her about each day. One of self respect and self love, compassion, forgiveness, strength, and character. I try and teach her to leave this earth a better place than she found it.

    I also take great pains to try and point her to the right path when choosing a partner. I try to show her what is healthy and that she deserves to be loved and cherished in her life. Not to accept to be treated any other way. Nor should she treat anyone that she chooses any other way.

    I teach her about being self-sufficient and being able to do it for herself. That she doesn’t need anyone else to be a whole person. She should be whole on her own.

    Thats the kind of world and life I would like to see for our daughters and young women. Empowered, strong, kindness, wisdom, self respect, and self love.

  2. cordieb Says:

    I’m still suffering a bit from writer’s block; but I must say ditto to Amberfires response. It encompasses so much of what young woman need to know and need to grow. This is what I teach my daughters, when they listen.

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