Slime Helped OJ Get Away With Murder

I will not even dignify the slime by writing his name here, or help him by promoting his book. I’m sure you noticed all the news hoopla about the tell all book. He reports that weeks after the arrest Simpson, high on drugs and alcohol, confessed to killing Nicole and Ron Goldman.  He confesses to helping Simpson get away with murder by advising him not to take his arthritis medication so his hands would swell and the glove wouldn’t fit- a key factor in the acquittal.

I don’t know the law, but it just feels like this guy should get in trouble for something

I remember being so shocked when I watched the not guilty verdict live that I screamed no! and threw something at the TV. Such a travesty of justice. Worse yet, my daughter was in high school at the time, and they were watching it in class. She said the boys cheered at the verdict.

I’ve always wondered what the kids grew up believing.

Did this news story trigger anyone else like it did me?


5 Responses to “Slime Helped OJ Get Away With Murder”

  1. amberfireinus Says:

    You know what got me in this whole thing? The jurors. They flat came out and said on National Television that it didnt matter if OJ was guilty or innocent to them. Only the fact that he was a black man and that they were going to let him off to try and balance every single black man who has been convicted wrongly of murder!

    I cried when I heard that. I cried as people rioted in the streets in Los Angeles, the place that I called home. I cried as they tore apart their OWN neighborhoods, and pulled INNOCENT people from their cars and beat them and left them to die. Remember Regional Denny?

    It was such a sad time for us as Americans. That our Justice system was manipulated by the television and SLIME as you called it correctly.

    Its absolutely sickening. Its incidences like this that make me lose my hope in this world for mankind. I wonder if we are too far gone for redemption at this point….. if we even deserve it if there was any.

    And does anyone know what happened to the children of Nicole? Nice huh? To watch your dad strut around the world with bimbos on his arm and a ugly grin on his face that he got away with killing their mother…. and not even the law could touch him.

    Serendipidy is what OJ is getting now… I hope that he finds his justice in Jail… Im sure there are plenty of people waiting for him there.

  2. cordieb Says:

    I never totally believed that OJ was not responsible for Nichole’s death, but on the other hand, I did have a shadow of doubt. Perhaps because of the life styles of both parties and the sensationalized news stories. It is very sad that this case has sensationalized in the worst of ways; instead of being a beacon for education and counselling on the prevention of domestic abuse , it has turned into a hate case–causing even more separation between black and white.

    On matters such as these, I have to keep my eye on the prize, and try my best to not be destracted by the hate and anger of so many people, both black and white.

    Peace, Light and Love,

  3. psychscribe Says:

    Hi Cordie, for me this wasn’t a case between blacks and whites, but about, as you said, domestic abuse…abusers vs. victims….and SOOO many men getting away with it, to the point of murder. I used to work in an agency for battered women and i saw it all the time…so yes, I took that whole case quite personally!

    Amber, we are obviously on the same page here. And yes, I’ve always wondered what it was like for the THERE’S a book I’d like to read.

    Thanks, guys, for your responses.

  4. amberfireinus Says:

    Cordie, I want you to understand here that to me it was never a black or white thing. I reread my post and maybe it came across that way. I would have been horrified if white people let a white man off because of the color of his skin. I would have been horrified that people of ANY color or race would riot like that and cause such damage to their own lives, property, and neighborhoods.

  5. cordieb Says:

    @Amber. I understood you; I agree with you too. My comment was directed at the vast amount of people that let race play such an important part of this case; when it was clearly a domestic violence issue. If OJ was white, the issue would have centered around domestic violence and not race. By centering the case around race so much, many people lost focus of what the case was really about. Also, extremist would not have been so quick to prosecute or so quick to exonerate – the case would have been tried on its merits or lack thereof. The whole issue saddens me – because it has been blown up as a “black/white” thing. I can’t even debate this issue with people of my own race; they become very, very angry with me when I say that the man probally killed his wife – they feel that he’s been totally railroaded – and although I have a shadow of doubt, I do believe he did it. That shadow would have been a deadlock in court unfortionately – but it would not have been based on the fact that OJ is black – I would have had the same shadow of doubt had he been white. Anyway, dear Amberfireinus, I didn’t misinterpret you – I love that you tell us like it is without all the sugar coating! –brings out the fireinus, so to speak.

    Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

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