Can a Photoblog Consist of Others’ Images?

I love collecting photos and images, and would like to do a photoblog, properly credited of course. Does anyone know any reason or “rule” not to do this? I can’t imagine why not but feedback is appreciated if you know something I don’t about this… Thx…


2 Responses to “Can a Photoblog Consist of Others’ Images?”

  1. SanityFound Says:

    You are allowed to show other’s photos as long as you have the photographers written permission otherwise you are contravening their copyright 🙂

  2. innovatel Says:

    Some years ago I had a photo blog … but after I closed it. Why? I didn’t like how people can use your image like us … it’s not a beautiful.

    Other reason? I think nothing 🙂

    Bye 🙂

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