Bridge to…?

(c) 2008 Jupiter Images

Its a rainy day here in the northeast, so this photo fits my mood…(wish I could say I took it!)  Just want to share it because I think its neat, and also to ask you where you imagine that this bridge leads?



One Response to “Bridge to…?”

  1. cordieb Says:

    “That picture appears to lead to the abyss in my opinion. It will take lots of strength and courage to cross that bridge because most of us fear the unknown. Also, many of us fear being alone. But once we cross that bridge, we will be damn near invenceable, and very much wiser. I’ll see ya when I cross that bridge my friend (smile). Thanks for sharing such a thought provoking and mesmerizing pic; this pic is definitely worth a thousand words!

    Thanks again for visiting, I’ll be returning to your spot often and have added you to my roll of conscious provoking shakers and movers – Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

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