Is it OK to Search a Partner’s Phone?

That question came up as one of my search inquiries today, and I thought was a good one. There is the issue of violation of boundaries vs. a partner’s right to know. Obviously one who searches cells and emails etc. already doesn’t trust the partner, but there are also other ways of handling it. That being said, spoken like true therapist, I must admit that as a human being, if I thought my Alph was (were????) straying I don’t know if I’d be able to take the high road and process in a healthy manner.

Your thoughts?




3 Responses to “Is it OK to Search a Partner’s Phone?”

  1. searchingwithin Says:

    I have been in this position. He was a pathological liar, to me and the rest of the world. But you know subconsciously when things are not right. I must confess that, even through I hate the fact that I did it, I did look at his phone. You have to know the truth, when you are being played for “the fool”.

  2. sugali Says:

    If your have trust between each other it shouldn’t drive you to spy. There is also the question of being too trusting. Instinct should tell you that something is going on. It is rather difficult, isn’t it? Probably, talking and being honest with one another might help……..?????

  3. rabago Says:

    I honestly think searching one’s phone (your spouse, of course) is evidence that you already don’t turst your partner, so speaking with him/her in a personal manner would be the better idea. However…

    if my boyfriend EVER gave me a reason to not trust him, then yes…I would search his phone. Text mssgs, who he called at what time. I think I would have a right to know. Am I wrong?

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