Is this Justice??

I could not believe the news story I read today. A man in Texas caught his wife in a truck  with her lover. She cried rape, apparently in an attempt to get away with the infidelity. Ostensibly he attempted to defend her so he shot the guy to death. No charges have been filed against the husband, but she has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter because her cry of rape incited the husband to shoot…. She faces 2-20 years in prison. 

I don’t know…I have a problem with this. In one respect, I get it that she has responsibility here for the lover’s death. But somehow the husband not having any accountability for killing the guy does not sit right with me. I mean, there was no mention of the lover having a weapon, tho this news story is pretty brief. But couldn’t the husband have taken a few swings at the guy rather than pull out his gun and kill him?   Is this another “crime of passion” excused by the legal system? What do you think?


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4 Responses to “Is this Justice??”

  1. AW Says:

    The victim was sitting in his truck in the dark; the convicted was standing right next to him, mostly naked (some kind of night-gown was on).

    The fact that she was in a night-gown only complicated matters, since in his head it must have seemed like she was just dragged out of bed at gunpoint / knifepoint.

    You have to consider that the husband couldn’t really see too well at night inside of the victim’s trunk: there could have been a knife or a gun being held to her head. From his point of view his wife just screamed “rape” and was about to be kidnapped / shot / stabbed / every horrible scenario that plays through your head when someone cries out for help and *you* are the only person there to protect them.

    It’s one thing to get in a 1-on-1 slugfest with someone (that’s your prerogative), but when it’s your wife crying for help it changes everything: no second guesses, no time-outs so you can think about what needs to happen next, because it’s not your life on the line, it’s theirs.

    Unfortunately, the husband acted to “save” his wife in the way most people would, which led to the victim’s unnecessary death — the wife, regrettably, did not attempt to stop the husband from firing.

    For the same reason you’re not allowed to scream “fire!” in a crowded theater, you’re not allowed to scream “rape” if you’re not being raped. Both cause sudden, sometimes violent reactions in people acting more on instinct than rational thought.

    It is really sad that someone had to die because of her irrational actions, but who wants to be the guy who has to explain to a mother (as well as themselves before each night), “Well, she screamed rape, but I didn’t help her.” — ?

    He had charges that were dropped; the prosecutor reasoned at some point before indicting her (the victim) that he (the husband) was trying to defend her against a perceived threat. In other words, he wasn’t acting out of malice or recklessness or anything that would require prosecution from the state.

  2. Adam Says:

    I have to say I see it much the same way as AW. While the loss of life is always terrible, it is difficult to attribute guilt to the husband in this case.

    Though he did fire the fatal shots, now we will never know whether or not he would have killed the lover out of passion anyway had the wife abstained from lying.

    If a mother comes to the scene of her child being taken away by another adult and the child screams “kidnapper” or something similar, I think society in general would excuse the mother for slaughtering the supposed offender with whatever means came to hand even if it turned out that the child was lying.

    On the other hand, it is more difficult to imagine a woman killing a lover of her male spouse and then being seen as justified. Perhaps this is only because typically men cannot cry “rape,” or perhaps this really is evidence of social chauvinism.

    The whole despicable situation might have been avoided if:

    A. the husband had not been armed with such a lethal weapon.

    B. the wife had told the truth.

    C. the husband had been especially observant – was the door unlocked, did he see signs of a struggle as he approached the situation, etc.

  3. SanityFound Says:

    I think for the mere fact that she was crying rape she should get a prison sentence, by doing that she puts questioning in the minds of other cases of true real rape. Already people often question if someone was really raped, by her actions they will be questioned more, to me that is just sick.

    Secondly perhaps the US needs to revisit their gun laws, if they did that then perhaps there would be more chance of a fist fight and less chance of retribution deaths.

    Neither part was right but I do agree with her getting a sentence though I feel that he should have as well, pointing a gun in someone’s face is too easy but then again is that society or him?

  4. amberfireinus Says:

    Sick, sad and depressing state of affairs…. 😦

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