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American Idol – Rock on Cook!!!

May 22, 2008

OK, I was so emotionally affected by David Cook’s victory it amazes me – I felt as proud of him as any mother, and so very touched by his humble response. I was rooting for him all season, but as the other David walked away with the judges’ accolades week after week I thought Cook had no chance. Especially since viewers usually seem to vote just like the judges call it. (Isn’t it odd that Cowell apologized for his disresepect before the winner was announced…himmm..)

Why do older people like myself so enjoy a talent show of kids 28 years old  or younger? I think because it  is so thrilling and satisfying and inspiring to watch kids follow their dreams, the perserverence, the courage, and, of course, the talent. But for me, mostly, its watching them follow their dreams.

When I was that age I had no dreams. How sad is that? But, late bloomer that I was, I developed dreams of education and a profession in my forties and damn if I didn’t just do it.  When the zillions of  balloons fell from the ceiling at my graduation ceremony for my masters, I honestly felt like “Ladies and Gentlemen, THIS is American Idol!”

Congratulations David Cook!

Psychscribe Quote #33

May 20, 2008

“What kind of life would we like our daughters to have? In order to help our daughters and other young women discover the meaning of lifework success, first we need to examine what lifework success means for us.” Sally Gelardin from her book The Mother-Daughter Relationship

Am I Destined for an Early Death?

May 16, 2008

I don’t mean for this topic to be depressing, truly I don’t…but sometimes I just get tired of being so upbeat, you know? For the first three years after my lupus diagnosis, nothing much happened… it was managed by medication and I was in blissful denial. I started a full time counseling practice with my daughter and I felt as normal as anyone else…excited and happy..but the last 6 months or so my flares (for the uninitiated this means active symptoms where you feel sick, weak, achy, exhausted, foggy, and worst of all cannot go to work) have been increasing in frequency. From a couple of times a year to every couple of months. From what I have read of other people’s experiences, this is usually the beginning of the long, sad road into disability.  

However its not disability that’s on my mind so much as having to leave this world before I get to meet and enjoy my grandchildren. My paternal grandmother died of heart disease in her 40’s when I was four, so we really never got to know each other. But I was named for her. I remember my father frequently taking me to the cemetery and seeing my name on her gravestone. It didn’t frighten me, but did seem to be a connection of sorts. The same name, the same short life. Was her fate my fate?  Then my father, my hero, died in his early 50’s of cancer, leaving behind two very young and much adored grandchildren. At every life passage they’ve gone thru, I have missed him and wept for all that he and they missed..

So its hard not to worry that their destiny is mine… that I have some sort of destiny gene that will call me early from this life. I have no fear of death and passing, because I believe in my God and the hereafter…but I do so fear having to miss the rest of my life, and being an active grandmother… (They have not even been conceived yet, but my daughter promises me they will be working on it immediately following their wedding in September )  

I fear the loss of all I yearn for.

Please Lord, not yet.

Alpha Seal???!

May 13, 2008

What can I tell you? I find these weird things to be interesting. Scientists discovered a seal trying to have sex with a penguin, quite aggressively, I might add…

From Live Science:

“One summer morning, scientists observing elephant seals on a beach on Marion Island near the Antarctic spotted a young male Antarctic fur seal subduing a king penguin. “

“At first we thought it was hunting the penguin, but then it became clear that his intentions were rather more amorous,” de Bruyn recalled today via email.

In this article, scientists make the connection that aggression is closely linked to the mating urge in animals, and speculate it is the same in humans…. Read the full story…if these were humans it would be attempted rape for sure…


Lion YouTube

May 12, 2008

This is for cat people like myself, who find all the various species of felines to be fascinating.  Produced by National Geographic.







Slime Helped OJ Get Away With Murder

May 10, 2008

I will not even dignify the slime by writing his name here, or help him by promoting his book. I’m sure you noticed all the news hoopla about the tell all book. He reports that weeks after the arrest Simpson, high on drugs and alcohol, confessed to killing Nicole and Ron Goldman.  He confesses to helping Simpson get away with murder by advising him not to take his arthritis medication so his hands would swell and the glove wouldn’t fit- a key factor in the acquittal.

I don’t know the law, but it just feels like this guy should get in trouble for something

I remember being so shocked when I watched the not guilty verdict live that I screamed no! and threw something at the TV. Such a travesty of justice. Worse yet, my daughter was in high school at the time, and they were watching it in class. She said the boys cheered at the verdict.

I’ve always wondered what the kids grew up believing.

Did this news story trigger anyone else like it did me?

Psychscribe Quote #32

May 9, 2008

“Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.” 
James A. Baldwin

Can a Photoblog Consist of Others’ Images?

May 8, 2008

I love collecting photos and images, and would like to do a photoblog, properly credited of course. Does anyone know any reason or “rule” not to do this? I can’t imagine why not but feedback is appreciated if you know something I don’t about this… Thx…

Bridge to…?

May 8, 2008

(c) 2008 Jupiter Images

Its a rainy day here in the northeast, so this photo fits my mood…(wish I could say I took it!)  Just want to share it because I think its neat, and also to ask you where you imagine that this bridge leads?

Save Money on Rx Drugs

May 7, 2008

I just read an article on abc news that is worth looking at. They talk about a Consumer Reports analysis of the huge differences in prices for the same rx drugs in different states and even in different pharmacies within your state. Overall they found Costco to be the least expensive, and Rite Aid to be the most expensive. They also recommend independent pharmacies, which I was pleased to see since my sister owns one! Also, if you can’t afford your meds, or are strapped, most pharmaceutical companies have programs to help. All you have to do is call and ask if you qualify. Anyway, I hope this helps someone.

In Treatment – On Demand?!

May 6, 2008

Does anyone know where I can find,download, pay for, whatever (!) the last few episodes of “In Treatment?” I’ve looked everywhere online and can’t find any way to see them. Its like the whole series vanished! Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.

Is it OK to Search a Partner’s Phone?

May 6, 2008

That question came up as one of my search inquiries today, and I thought was a good one. There is the issue of violation of boundaries vs. a partner’s right to know. Obviously one who searches cells and emails etc. already doesn’t trust the partner, but there are also other ways of handling it. That being said, spoken like true therapist, I must admit that as a human being, if I thought my Alph was (were????) straying I don’t know if I’d be able to take the high road and process in a healthy manner.

Your thoughts?



Why is Empty Frame/Inner Guidance so Popular?

May 6, 2008

This is one of my highest rated posts, with many searches for it every day, yet no comments are left. Are people finding it to be a disappointment, or or you getting something out of it? Soooooo curious. Thanks.

Your Shining Moment w/Mom?

May 5, 2008

Ok, I’m a therapist. I know we all have our issues, often with Mom. I have them myself. But with Mother’s Day approaching, I thought it would be nice for us to mention a wonderful moment, a shining moment, a defining moment with our mothers that transcends any issues we might still have.

For me, the first thing that comes to mind is when my daughter was born. Seeing Mom in the recovery room and our sponataneous grasping hands, high into the air in a victory gesture, with mom joyously exclaiming, “We got our girl!!!”

What about you?

Fibromyalgia as Symptom of Hypothyroidism

May 4, 2008

Is this Justice??

May 3, 2008

I could not believe the news story I read today. A man in Texas caught his wife in a truck  with her lover. She cried rape, apparently in an attempt to get away with the infidelity. Ostensibly he attempted to defend her so he shot the guy to death. No charges have been filed against the husband, but she has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter because her cry of rape incited the husband to shoot…. She faces 2-20 years in prison. 

I don’t know…I have a problem with this. In one respect, I get it that she has responsibility here for the lover’s death. But somehow the husband not having any accountability for killing the guy does not sit right with me. I mean, there was no mention of the lover having a weapon, tho this news story is pretty brief. But couldn’t the husband have taken a few swings at the guy rather than pull out his gun and kill him?   Is this another “crime of passion” excused by the legal system? What do you think?

Internet Addiction Test

May 2, 2008

Are you addicted? Here is a link to a self assessment.

It does give one pause for thought….


Flowers for You

May 1, 2008

(c) (2008) Jupiter Images Corporation

I’m just wondering…. when was the last time you sent flowers to someone that you love?

My Sister’s Accident

May 1, 2008

I’m realizing how totally self absorbed I’ve been since my stroke and lupus diagnosis… not to mention last week in the hospital.   I’ve become accustomed to my family worrying about me, doting on me, and frankly I’ve been eating it up like a starving little girl… For too long it was the other way around. My family role was caretaker and honestly once I got sick and had to accept some emotional care taking I’ve thought, “Well, this part isn’t so bad!”

My only sister has become my dearest friend, support and nurturer thru all this. She’s four years younger,  but she has somehow morphed into my big sister and I’ve thought of her as indestructible. Also, for the first time since we were children, we live close enough to be in and out of each others “rooms”…. around the corner from each other….so nice….

Last night she was in a car accident. The car was totaled. Emergency people said they thought she could’ve died when they arrived and saw the vehicle.  She escaped with a fractured wrist in one hand and a burn on her other hand. Even in the ER she was protecting me…wouldn’t let her husband call me because she was afraid I’d get too upset!

This afternoon I spent the day with her. She was so upbeat and grateful to be alive. It was difficult for her to allow me to do simple things like make us our tea or fetch anything she needed.  

She was so upbeat and grateful to be alive that I found myself mirroring her, and not saying what I really wanted to: I love you Sis with all my heart, and I sooooo appreciate you, and I can’t even imagine how I could handle it if things had turned out differently.  I need you in my life, not just for nurturing me but just for you : your goofy sense of humor, your intelligence, our shared childhood history,  your eccentricity, your love of God, your creativity, your kindness and generosity, the way we laugh together!

Anyway, Pinhead, this is what I really wanted to say today as we both walked around acting like nothing serious had happened…  but it did. Your life was spared and I felt (not just knew) how very important you are to me in my heart and soul.