Psychscribe Missing In Action

Just wanted to let you guys know that the reason there have been no posts is because I’ve been in the hospital.  It was a pretty harrowing experience. Sunday I was out at  wonderful family party with my husband, then in the middle of that night he had to take me to the hospital ER with a 104 temperature. I had to have a lumbar puncture (in my day called a spinal tap) to rule out meningitis. Luckily it was negative.  So now that they’ve determined it to be a virus ( which has  triggered a lupus flare -EVERYTHING TRIGGERS A LUPUS FLARE)  I should be able to go home tomorrow and catch up on my blog. So, talk to you soon… 


6 Responses to “Psychscribe Missing In Action”

  1. amberfireinus Says:

    Im saying prayers for you sweetie.. hang in there. The best medicine is laughter…

  2. SanityFound Says:

    I was wondering and hoping that you were ok *hugs*

  3. psychscribe Says:

    amberfireinus and SanityFound, you guys are the greatest…such warm and caring hearts. I’m hoping to be discharged this morning. Blessings to both of you.

  4. OrSoSheSaid Says:

    Hey Psychscribe, here’s to hoping that you feel better and soon!

  5. Miki Says:

    Oh Coeur de Rose, I am so sorry to hear that! We had no idea… what an awful feeling to imagine you there, in the hospital… Come soon back!!!

  6. lirone Says:

    Hope you recover quickly!

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