Polygamist Abuse

Ok, ok, I know there is no proof yet, no evidence, but I read Carol Jessup’s book “Escape” and I believed it. The horrors she describes of beatings and sexual abuse of children, of women and children basically being slaves to the men due to God supposedly speaking thru their leader, were believable and sickening.  Women and children removed from a man with no power or clout in the community, being “re-assigned” to a different man,  who would then become the new husband and father. Pubescent girls being married and forced into sex with men old enough to be their grandfathers…The favorite wife abusing  the other wives, and the children of those wives,  with full authority of the husband. And the only way to attain power and status in the family and the community was for a girl/woman to force herself to entice the man who revolted her into sharing her bed as often as possible….thus rising in the ranks to the favored, alpha female position…

So this is their culture, this is all they know, and here is the controversy…how can you take children from their mothers (we don’t have to worry about attachment in the musical chairs daddy game) in a situation like this?

How can you NOT?




5 Responses to “Polygamist Abuse”

  1. amberfireinus Says:

    It is a sick, sad, and well… frustrating position for us all.

    Religious freedoms granted by our country vs. abuse. When should we step in?

    I had a commenter on my own blog post on this subject very angry feeling that it was our government’s attack on these poor Mormon FLDS people. I agreed to the sadness of the situation, but I replied that too, my heart feels the need to remove children from the possibility of being abused even though right now the situation is unpleasant for them and messy.

    I wish the LDS church itself would step up to the plate and house these women and children. Foster them and help them. They have the resources. That would be the “Christian” thing to do.

  2. psychscribe Says:

    I think it is more than religious freedoms vs. abuse. It is also the right of chilren to be protected from abuse vs. parental rights to subject them to it…In my opinion they have no right…be it religious belief or just plain ignorance on how to discipline a child…or even a battered woman being stuck in an isolated abusive relationship. She can’t do much to protect her child without suffering the consequences of more abuse by him. but child protective services can step in and help out and THEY can incure his wrath…pardon my ranting here, I used to work for a battered women’s agency…

    Back to the fundamentalist LDS church, they would not be about to step up to the plate and help these women and children. That would be like asking slave owners to step up to the plate and help their human livestock. Christian thing to do? There is nothing I read in “Escape” that remotely resembles the teachings of Jesus!

  3. lwayswright Says:

    Thanks for the comments on my blog! Also I agree that the polygamist stuff is awful and terrible. I am more concerned about the abuse and the hurt kids then I am about the religious freedom of the adult abusers at this point. Because at the point of the abuse they have taken away the rights of the children…therefore those adults deserve no more religious freedoms!

  4. aeroz Says:

    we can’t do anything about it… this is the reality and we are the one who is in the picture…. anyway, is the book still available?

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  5. psychscribe Says:

    yes the book is fairly new, i think – you can get it at amazon or barnes and noble i’m sure

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