Slow Suicide, Ladies?

Hurray for the French! They’ve proposed a bill banning those awful websites like ana and mia that teach women how to be successfully anorexic or bulimic. Proponents of the bill  say it would curb the awful prevalence of these psychiatric disorders. Opponents say it would have no impact. I say it would.

Cultural values spawn bigots, racists, sexists, and homophobics. It makes sense that the cultural worship of female emaciation as the norm spawns desperation in some women to live up to the sick standard of the fashion industry. And unfortunately the  female culture itself.  Imagine if we had a movement, and websites, which substituted the words “slow suicide” as a means of attaining physical beauty?

The culture of the internet is not to be underestimated. After all, what are you doing right now?



4 Responses to “Slow Suicide, Ladies?”

  1. amberfireinus Says:

    You beat me to this post. I was going to post the exact same thing.

    Im so glad something is finally being done. Personally I think these super-skinny models look gross. The clothes don’t hang nicely on them or anything – what is the appeal?

    I wonder why a woman would want to be skinny enough to lose what makes her a woman? Why would we want to look like pre-pubescent boys? Its icky! I love my curves. They are for nurturing and being soft. Isn’t that is what a woman is? Soft, nurturing, loving, strong? A young boy is gawky, awkward, silly, mouthy, and pretty much unappealling. People find that attractive why????

  2. SanityFound Says:

    It’s definitely a start, but when someone is so low with regards to their self image would they not just do it anyway?

    More needs to be done targeting our media culture, but more specifically the way parents are with their children and in turn how kids are with each other… Media has a far lesser effect when you are taught more about accepting who you are than what you look like… perhaps it will be slow but I have faith that it could be done.

  3. leafless Says:

    Being skinny is beautiful? I just don’t get it.

  4. pantz Says:

    there’s a website that teaches women how to be anorexic?? wow!

    I didn’t know that. that’s crazy.

    how sad.

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