Why the Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Me is the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me

I had a major stroke in Dec. 2004 at the age of 52.  I could, should have died or been severely impaired. Instead, I have all of my functioning intact except for occaisional glitches finding words.  It was truly a miracle. There were so many people praying for me.

It was the best thing that ever happened to me because:

1. Eventually they figured out that I had lupus, which caused the stroke, and I am now being closely monitored and treated.

2. My husband and I decided that it was time to stop putting off my life’s dreams because if you wait too long you may never realize them. So since my dream was to go into private practice (psychotherapy) with my daughter, we left a state we hated living in and moved  two states away to be near her to open the practice. Working with my daughter is one of the biggest joys of my life.

3. We then, most unexpectedly, bought a lovely, perfect for us weekend/retirement house around the corner from my sister (who found it for us). My only sister and I had always had a conflicted relationship. But after the stroke, and moving near her, she is now my dearest friend and I love her with all my heart. Actually, it wasn’t until the stroke that I understood how much she loved me.

4. I have reconnected with other dear friends who live in this area.

5. I learned the true character of the man that I love, which I’ve also learned you only really know when the chips are REALLY down.

6. I’ve learned to allow myself play time.  Doing something for the process, not the result. Enjoying being in the moment of creation. For me that is decoupage. Sometimes the products are lovely, sometimes not. Doesn’t matter! Also have allowed myself to read novels, which don’t teach me anything but which I thoroughly enjoy. I guess you could say basically I’m allowing myself to enjoy.

7. I’ve learned that it is really quite lovely to feel so nurtured and cared for by so many people in my life…that used to be my job…

I’m sure there is more, but you get the idea.  Enjoy your day! Well, actually that is one more. I’ve learned to enjoy every moment of work and play because I appreciate that I’m here to do so!

Blessings to all,



6 Responses to “Why the Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Me is the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me”

  1. amberfireinus Says:

    Oh my gosh… this makes my heart swell. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. SanityFound Says:

    I am smiling from ear to ear for the woman you are and the true blessings you that you have 🙂 You’re family are lucky to have you in their lives as well!

  3. Jen Says:

    That was so beautiful. It makes me want to sit down and take stock of all the wonderful things I have and have learned along this wonderful journey. Thank you!

  4. Robert Says:

    Thanks. Remind’s me of Carl Sagan who said that he deeply recomended almost-dying to everybody. After he himself almost died.
    And it always comes back as the same old truth: we start appreciating life when we feel we could easily lose it. Just the same as we start appreciating friendship, a partner, a period of life, when it is over. Or about to be over.
    Rather than devouring each moment while it is there. While it is here.
    Aren’t we funny? In a very sad way.
    Anyway, I am happy for you.

  5. leafless Says:

    Everything happens for a reason.

  6. psychscribe Says:

    Thank you for your comments everyone.

    Robert: Welcome to my blog. Yes…loss is I think our biggest teacher in life….

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