How Much do you Admire Your Partner?

On a scale of 0-10, what is your honest answer to this question?  Why?  If your answer is lower than you would like, why is that? And what is that about for you?

I would give my husband a 9/10 on the admiration scale because: he is brave, he is generous, he is loyal, he is nurturing, he is protective, he is romantic, he is very intelligent, he is giving, he is honest, he lives life on his own  terms, he is a doer rather than a reactor, he is a patient  problem solver, he is extremely masculine..and most of all, he has accepted my health losses as  our losses,  with courage and compassion…he’s the man I would choose to be if the gods played a trick on me and changed my gender….

Why not a 10/10?  Because no one is perfect!



7 Responses to “How Much do you Admire Your Partner?”

  1. brightfeather Says:

    I would give my partner a 8/10 rating. He sounds very much like yours except that he is not as romantic and as sensual as I am.

    Would I like to see him change? No. Our relationship is founded on honesty and he’s not inclined to change. And, I don’t expect him to try to struggle to become someone he isn’t.

  2. innovatel Says:

    I don’t know … I did not find she … and that’s is not good 😦

  3. Miki Says:

    Good morning Psyscribe!
    This is a wonderful description of your partner, and I am very happy for you both.
    My partner deserves the same note, although spontaneously I wanted to give him a 10… although he is not perfect! But he is certainly a 10 compared to all my further relationships, and even compared to the man I dared to dream of before I met him… I mean, I never thought somebody like Kevin could exist…
    I won’t tell you why he deserves a 10, I did it on different occasions and anyway I would be writing about him until tomorrow!

    Why didn’t you find her? Are you too demanding? Are you working too much? Blogging too much? 🙂
    You are right, it is not good… i guess you have to change something in your way to find one, or to be patient, but always with open eyes and brain and heart…

  4. innovatel Says:

    @Miki > ohh no … I’m very very very […] very very very timid in the “real life” in general… that’s the problem … if the argument is love or find-a-girlfriend …. ehm … can you add many “very very very” please? 😦

  5. Robert Says:

    I think the core issue here is the question how we evaluate, on what basis. Of course it is a 100 % interpretation and not an objective evaluation, but still, on what basis do we do it? As far as I know there are two main ways – we either compare our partners’ actions with our own and evaluate if we get as much as we give (or less). The other typical way is that we compare our partner with somebody else, either ex-partner or some romantic prototype or Brad Pitt or something. And we do it automatically, of course.
    Now, as far as I know myself I tend to do it in the first way (these ways of evaluation become more evident in times of conflicts…) and if I try to evaluate my wife I would say we are alike; I think we both would get something like 8/10.
    Now, for me the most important fact here is my strong feeling that we both are actually improving and that in a couple of years, if proceeding with the same tempo, we will probably reach the 9/10.
    This is something that brings peace into my heart; realizing that our relationship is still improving…

  6. Miki Says:

    when an Italian man says that he is very x 10 shy, what does that mean exactly? 🙂
    Anyway: do you know that many women prefer shy men? I am one of them. A shy man has much more charm, and generally much more to show and to say than the other ones. Shyness is for me a wonderful quality, for both men and women!

  7. innovatel Says:

    @Miki -> the others I don t say … my case it’s simple … If a girl like me … I “ignore” her … why? it’s simple … If I talk with her … I lost the world and it’s not good 😦

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