Medical Cannabis? YouTube

I personally agree with this doctor. What do you think?

From CannabisPatientNet


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8 Responses to “Medical Cannabis? YouTube”

  1. giannakali Says:

    I lived and worked in CA where medical marijuana is legal. I worked in hospice with people who used marijuana in my presence. I saw how helpful it was to people who were dying.

    I absolutely think a natural substance that is much safer than opiates should be legal.

  2. amberfireinus Says:

    I do live in California, and my younger brother not only uses canibus for pain, but he also grows it for himself and other medical users.

    He has often offered to give me some to try it for my pain. I can’t smoke it because the smell of it would make me worse. I would have to do the edible form or I have heard that there is now a mouth spray.

    I have Morphine, Dilaudud, and Duragesic patches for pain. They all make me vomit and it isn’t really worth it for me to take them. I am simply replacing one misery for another. So basically I just say no.

    The doctors tell me that I push my body through too much pain. But I don’t see the alternative.

    Maybe cannibis is the answer. I don’t know. I do think it should be given an opportunity to work for people like you and me. Maybe it would make our lives a little more manageable and give us quality of life back.

    Wouldnt that be wonderful.

  3. Tony B Says:

    I agree and so do the courts. It seems this Doctor is ill-informed. There is nothing wrong with using medical marijuana or discussing it with your doctor. A federal court (9th Circuit) has ruled that, under the First Amendment, doctors may not be punished for recommending medical marijuana.

    Conant v. McCaffrey, (2000): The government was enjoined by the U.S. District Court in San Francisco from punishing physicians or taking their DEA licenses for recommending medical use of cannabis. The ruling states that physicians have a First Amendment right to make recommendations, but may not aid or abet patients in actually obtaining marijuana. Visit to view the ruling.

    Someone should pass this info and link on to this doctor.

  4. e2c Says:

    One of my brothers was taking cannabis in capsule form a while back, in order to regain his appetite after coming out of a life-threatening (but temporary) illness. I don’t know the details of dispensing (etc.), but I’m sure they *must* be available somewhere, via the internet.

    As for truly ill people using cannabis instead of opoids, it makes complete sense to me. (Though i would *not* want to smoke unless I was already dying, knowing what a wreck it makes of the lungs…)

  5. giannakali Says:

    actually when smoking for pain relief very little smoke is inhaled…it’s nothing like smoking cigarettes…also the latest studies show that cigarette smoke in general is also much more toxic to the lungs than marijuana smoke…

    marijuana can also be ingested and does not have to be smoked.

  6. e2c Says:

    I brought up the issue of smoking because someone else did, also because I had/have some experience with it (both tobacco and cannabis), a few decades back… I would rather not inhale *anything.* 🙂

  7. e2c Says:

    Also… there’s no sense in setting oneself up to anticipate and enjoy a rush (I think), with any prescription drug – it really is far too easy to become psychologically hooked (and, depending on the drug in question), physically as well. I don’t want to be preachy here, or make rules for people, but… truly better safe than sorry when dealing with drugs of all kinds. We get habituated to the notion that none of them – even aspirin – are powerful and potentially dangerous, but that’s not the truth of the matter.

  8. brightfeather Says:

    I wholeheartedly agree. I discovered that when I was at my most miserable ebb where I had lost over 20 lbs. and hurt in every part of my body that cannabis tea settled the nausea. IMHO it’s time that we recognized cannabis as a medicinal plant and decriminalize it so those sick people who need it can have it without being labeled as criminal elements in society.

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