The Good Thing About Lupus Flares


                                                                                      (Artist Unknown)

As wretched as lupus flares are, once they pass you soooo appreciate feeling well! Today I have energy.  Today I will dust. Today I will go to the mall to try on dresses for my daughter’s wedding.  Tonight I will go out for dinner with my husband.  This day is a wonderful day.


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5 Responses to “The Good Thing About Lupus Flares”

  1. giannakali Says:

    I’m so happy for you! Celebrate!

  2. amberfireinus Says:

    I always tell people this and they simply don’t get it! You have to have rain to appreciate the sunshine! Its all about balance!

    Have a wonderful day sweetie. Smile and laugh. That is the best medicine of all.. the medicine for your soul!

  3. RubyShooZ Says:

    I know the feeling so I try to follow Janis Joplin’s suggestion and get it while I can. I guess that can be misconstrued and it all depends on your way of seeing things but…the way I see it, what we have is now, this moment and so I go with it.

    Once again, wishing you peace, love and understanding.

  4. lwayswright Says:

    that is a great way to look at things! I have been in a flare for a while now. Can’t seem to shake this one. However, I do have my days when I am doing okay and have extra energy and believe me I do take advantage of that! Those days I have to say are amazing. those are the days that make you thankful!

  5. psychscribe Says:

    Thank you so much everyone! We with chronic illness do find an abundance of support from our friends and loved ones, but to receive awesome support from you guys for feeling good is just incredible! Thank you!

    lwayswright: I do hope your flare leaves you and goes back to gremlin land forever! In the meantime, welcome to my site. Hope you come back again soon. Blessings to you. Psychscribe

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