Hypnotherapist Fires Her Hpnotherapist

Just an update….a colleague told me she’d had great success with hypnotherapy and medical conditions, including lupus. I waited 2 months for her to get back from a vacation. She’s a BIG cahuna in the hypnosis field. And she proceeds to give me a different kind of therapy altogether. Completely different intervention. When I, a colleague, questioned her on this, she interpreted it as resistance! Now I can understand why the general public often has such negativity toward therapists. Bottom line, if you agree to a certain kind of therapy with your therapist, you’re supposed to get it, people!  Thus my exit from that path and new forage into the world of accupressure….


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3 Responses to “Hypnotherapist Fires Her Hpnotherapist”

  1. laurapenpusher Says:

    and here I thought I’d find some miracle cure with hypnotherapy! LOL. I’d like to add a trackback to your site if that’s okay with you. Please feel free to check out mine at laurapenpusher.com and tell me what you think. I’m currently do a series on PTSD.

  2. psychscribe Says:

    Hi Laura, thanks for visiting! Actually hypnotherapy is a very effective treatment for many problems, including PTSD 🙂 My problem with my hypotherapist is she wouldn’t do hypnotherapy but preferred to do her own new modality which is NOT what I signed on for! What is a trackback?

  3. brightfeather Says:

    I have found hypnotherapy to be a very effective tool for improving my life. In a clinical setting being hypnotized helped me to re-visit some very unpleasant and painful experiences that I had chosen to avoid facing for many years. The experiences allowed me to gain some insight when it came to determining some changes I wanted to make because the information I gained proved to be extremely helpful when it came to overcoming fears and false self beliefs. These clinical sessions also laid the foundation for self-hypnosis.

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