Mystery Woman 1895


Artist: Peder Serverin Kroyer

Today I thought I’d send you all a lovely spring picture from my images collection….Enjoy!



5 Responses to “Mystery Woman 1895”

  1. amberfireinus Says:

    How lovely… it makes you feel so serene just looking at it!

  2. e2c Says:

    If you mouse over the jpg in Firefox, you can see the artists’ name, title and date of the painting!

  3. e2c Says:

    Link to artist bio on Wiki – how amazing that it’s possible to find info. in one click… I was an art history major in grad school and it would likely have taken me a few weeks to even get started on a reliable trail of info. for something like this. (That was back in the early-mid 80s – you know, the Dark Ages! ;))

  4. psychscribe Says:

    Thanks e2c! I clicked on your link an will now give proper credit to the artist 🙂

  5. leafless Says:

    @e2c – If I were your art professor, I would have given you an A+. 🙂 Looking at the artwork from Wiki, I can see the resemblance in the different works by the same artist.

    This is a wonderful painting. The colors are spectacular.

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