Parents Pick Prayer Over Medicine & Daughter Dies

Ok, this story outrages many people including me. Did you read about it? It happened out in Wisconsin. The parents of an 11 year old girl let her die, believing in the power of prayer to heal her. She died of complications from diabetes. Now, I also believe in the power of prayer. Therefore I believe in God. But I also believe that God has helped humankind to discover medicine and surgical procedures to help do His work.  These parents are not a part of a fanatic religioius sect, in fact they are not affiliated with any particular religion, so you can’t blame cultural conditioning on their choice.  What can you  blame? I don’t know, but as a parent one thing I know for sure: despite their assertions even now that they believe they did the right thing, they will be blaming themselves until the day they die.  

My question to you: should they be punished by our legal system?

Here is the full story:


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10 Responses to “Parents Pick Prayer Over Medicine & Daughter Dies”

  1. pantz Says:

    Oh wow!

    I doubt if i would go to the extreme of denying my child medical assistance and choose prayer instead.

    why not prayer AND medicine?

    No, i don’t think they should be prosecuted. They’ll live with that decision for a long time.

    God has given mankind the knowledge to invent medicine. why not use it?

    great post

  2. psychscribe Says:

    Thanks Pantz! And thanks for visiting.

  3. psychscribe Says:

    Pantz – do you have a blog that I can visit?

  4. timethief Says:

    I dare say that if the parents had had their wits about them they would have made the choice pantz suggests. I also agree that these parents will live with the decision they made and the loss of their daughter every day of their lives.

    I do not believe that prosecution can reverse what has occurred and I cannot see how it could be helpful in this after the fact scenario.

  5. JustOrdinary Says:

    WOW! That story is absolutely crazy! What in the world is wrong with those parents?

    She hadn’t seen a doctor since age 3…they thought prayer was going to save her…

    No wonder God will return

    Those parents are what is wrong with our world…and they are just the tip of the iceberg…gosh ty for the posting

  6. Sweet and Sour Sauce Says:

    That’s an interesting story. I think i’d do what that lady commented on and pray and use medicine too.

    On a side note, I get bad hay fever every year, but last year I decided that things like that were not of God. I therefore prayed that I wouldn’t get it. Sometimes my eyes would get itchy and I contemplated taking hay-fever tablets but then I didn’t because I thought that that would mean me not having faith in prayer.

    I know that this is slightly more trivial than the situation you wrote about, but maybe that’s what the parents were thinking?

  7. Dana Says:

    This is sad. It is obvious that these parents do not understand that God uses many different ways and people to answer our prayers. That is why He is God and we are not and never could be.

  8. amberfireinus Says:

    *sigh* it is indeed a sad thing that has happened. But it might just highlight to the world that something needs to be done to save these children. We need to educate with a more balanced approach.

  9. SanityFound Says:

    The sad thing is that the parents will no doubt still feel that they made the right choice and that it was God’s will their child died.

    There have been many incidents such as this and I fear it will never come to an end, it has been going on for centuries…

    Their concious will be with them, no faith is strong enough to hold away doubts. I actually feel really sorry for them for they only went along with what they were taught, they had to have been taught that some where – perhaps I am wrong but I do feel sorry for them for what they have to live with.

  10. pantz Says:

    It is obvious that these parents do not understand that God uses many different ways and people to answer our prayers.

    I love that response. so true!

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