Fibromyalgia: I’ve Now Joined the Club-Youtube

There is often an overlap between lupus, fibromyalgia and arthritis, and now that is happening to me. So now, me being me, you will be seeing articles, links, etc. on this “fun” diagnosis on here in addition to my lupus stuff. But since my medical conditions do not define who I am, mostly this blog will continue to be the usual bits and pieces.  My hands are hurting these days so I’m sorry if I’m not answering everyone’s comments. I do so appreciate them and will catch up when I am feeling better. In the meantime, carpe diem!…..Oh, I found a wonderful, touching YouTube about fibro by elainejamie :



10 Responses to “Fibromyalgia: I’ve Now Joined the Club-Youtube”

  1. amberfireinus Says:

    My neurologist made this suggestion…. I just looked at her. Like I need ONE more thing. Honestly!

    Of course… they want us to excersise. Yeh… just what we want to do when we can barely get out of bed because we feel like we have been hit by a Mac Truck!

    Poor Baby…….Lots of hot hot baths, heating pads and prayers for you.

  2. giannakali Says:

    I’ve got chronic fatigue which debilitates me just like the video talks about. I do have some pain too…but I don’t think it’s fibromyalgia. But I know all about not being able to get out of bed because I’m too tired to move…not being able to make commitments because most days I can’t be up for more than half an hour at a time. The frustration and despair of feeling like I can’t have a life. The frustration at not being able to get used to it…I always wonder…if it’s now normal for me, why can’t I get used to it?

  3. Reva Sheppard Says:

    That was an amazingly creative video on fibro. I just had a massage this a.m., then hot tube and then the cold swimming pool, back and forth after a particularly bad fibro two days. And then after about an hour and a half suddenly my pain disappeared. I do believe in massage, a great treatment along with hydrotherapy for managing my fibromyalgia. Thanks so much for sharing the video!!

  4. brightfeather Says:

    I respond well to complementary and alternative medicine and I’m grateful that I do. I have found that acupuncture, massage, hydro therapy and aquatherapy have all been helpful when it comes to copying with fibromyalgia.

    I have surpassed the time when I laid on my back feeling sorry for myself. I found that I needed exercise and I found that there are yoga teachers and fitness teachers and hydrotherapists who can work very effectively with me.

    No matter what condition I am in I get out every day for at least one hour of fresh air. When I’m well enough to I walk. When I’m not I bundle up, sit on my deck and use my binoculars to watch the antics of the birds and wildlife around me. I also I do a yoga stretch routine at home every day and once weekly in a class. And, when I’m at the top of my form I drop-in to a low impact aerobics class.

  5. JustOrdinary Says:

    I have multiple health issues. Fibromyalgia being one of them and it is the newest one. I have a severe case of it to. I was so bad before Lyrica that I could not type, pick up a pen or pencil, and it was hell to walk on my feet they hurt so bad. Now I am on Lyrica and it has been a saving drug for me. My page has information about FMS check it out sometime.

  6. psychscribe Says:

    Lyrica did nothing for me 😦 My doctor is talking about a new medicine which is injectable? Ew!
    It starts with an H – I think Humira

  7. SanityFound Says:

    Awwws I feel your pain and admire your strength; The beauty of blogging is that one realises just how many people are going through the same as you, that you aren’t alone in this world and that they are there for you… *hugs*

  8. psychscribe Says:

    Thanks SanityFound. You are a sweetie.

  9. Denise Says:

    I also have fibro and have had it since 1993,
    I was quite fat then and it made it even harder for me.
    I found less MSG is helpful.
    But latley it has been so bad and I am in a full blown pity party and consider maybe this is too much.
    I have looked at some utubes and blogs
    and some people are worse than me and it scares me to get worse.
    I am a nature photographer and love the woods and mountains.
    I cannot sleep and the depression is so bad.
    I used pot no good for that either
    I am on strong pain pills and other crap.
    I just wish like we all do something would help
    I love hearing I am not alone

  10. psychscribe Says:

    Oh no Denise. You’re not alone… besides me, check out all the blogs in my chronic illness category…
    Welcome and blessings to you.

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