Do You Watch “In Treatment”?

In case you’re not familiar with it, its an HBO series about a  fictional therapist and his client sessions, as well as his own sessions in marriage counseling with his wife. As a shrink I think its great,  but many of my colleagues do not agree with me. We are not psychoanalytically trained, as the therapist Paul seems to be, but I still think its so real….Anybody out there watch it? Any reactions? To the therapist? Or do you identify with any of the characters?


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7 Responses to “Do You Watch “In Treatment”?”

  1. giannakali Says:

    the very concept of filming therapy sessions was so nauseating I’ve refused to watch it…but I’ll check it out since you seem to like it.

    Depending on what night it’s on I may have to watch it on DVD.

  2. psychscribe Says:

    Oh no, they’re not REAL sessions! That would be AWFUL! No, its a scripted story line 🙂

  3. Claudia Says:

    Being in therapy myself is torturous for me, can’t imagine wanting to watch it on TV.

    But having had to watch plenty of real taped therapy sessions as an undergrad, I learned that while getting to “peek” into someone else’s therapy sounds exciting, in actuality it is far more boring than one might think.

  4. giannakali Says:

    oh cool..I’ll watch

  5. leafless Says:

    I haven’t heard about this show. What channel is it on?

  6. giannakali Says:

    I watched it tonight..I thought it was great…i’m going to catch the rest “on demand” which is free with our cable so that I don’t see the finale without seeing the rest first…I think it’s done quite brilliantly.

  7. amba Says:

    Friends often tell me I should be (or should have been, it’s a little late, I’m almost 63, LOL) a therapist, probably because I’m a good and constructive listener to their troubles. Watching this show makes me so glad I’m NOT a therapist . . . what a terrible, unending job! However, I am absolutely riveted by the show, and so is my 81-yr-old, disabled and moderately demented husband (not AD though; the higher faculties are in the best shape), which is weird because he usually likes action thrillers. I am so impressed by the writing and the acting, especially of the relative unknowns — I keep forgetting it isn’t real. And I get very emotionally involved.

    Hi Amba. Isn’t it amazing?! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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