How Have Your Therapy Experiences Been?

Here’s your chance to rant….or rave….I am curious…what was (or is)  helpful in your therapy? What was not? Studies show that clients rate the relationship with the therapist to be the single most healing factor, over and above methods used. Do you agree with this?


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5 Responses to “How Have Your Therapy Experiences Been?”

  1. amberfireinus Says:

    Ok, well maybe I am not a fair judge.

    Here are my frustrations with modern therapists.

    First of all… too few deal wholistically with the problem. Especially with Bi-Polar/OCD/Chronic Severe Depression disorders. Diet, Excersize, and schedule are all known as basic things that can be done to drastically help these people to live a more normal life. But most of the time, these things are never even discussed.

    Doctors perscribe drugs and don’t talk about their side effects with the users. For example, many patients don’t understand that many anti-depressants cause sexual side effects. When a young person is perscribed these medications… this could stunt their whole mental process when it comes to sex for the rest of their lives. I find that appalling!!!! Therapists are then responsible for screwing up their patients!

    I also feel that not enough emphasis is given to giving tools to help patients deal with their issues. Alot of patients seek to find what their issues are, and feel better for that… and that is wonderful, but have no idea what to do to avoid these same mistakes in the future. I believe that patients need to be given tools for issue management, as well as counselling to cope with the past.

    And finally, I think that more emphasis needs to be given on a patients entire life rather than the simple problem at hand. How they deal with their marriage, children, parents and work are all important. Everyday life. Things that bring stress. Learning tools and coping mechanisms are the key to moving on from therapy to having a happier and productive life.

    Too many people look for the fast fix in life and don’t see that the body is a whole. Changes need to be made slowly so that they stick. Instant gratification doesn’t work with therapy….and sometimes therapists in their zeal to be helpful also forget this.

  2. giannakali Says:

    I have a therapist that I finally like and feel is appropriate. I wrote a post quite a while back on a therapist I had years ago. An abusive dark part of my life—I frankly think there are a lot of really bad therapists out there. But having worked as a mental health worker for many years I know there are good people too. My “rant” if you care to read it (it’s long)

  3. itsallabouthallie Says:

    really??? I have not had good experiences with therapists….i called looking for help as my husband at the time had a problem with…lets say an very bad addiction to internet stuff…. I kicked him out and was confused did not know where to turn, who i could talk to as it was illegal what he was doing…first therapist i called said bring my husband at the time, she took him as a patient!! i was looking for help!! she referred me to another, i told her my story, one session and she listened, said “well sounds like you are depressed.” NO WAY! I already knew that!! I wanted help…agghh. so i figured i could sit on my friends couch for free and talk with her….i would have loved to have found someone to talk to about this…agghhh
    thats my rant…

  4. margaret coyne Says:

    Fourteen years ago therapy saved my life. Without my late therapist’s care and constant support I would surely have drank myself to death.

    For me, having this wonderful man to whom I could totally open up to was vitally important to my healing. He really cared, not like a couple of people I’d been to before him who just kept watching the clock as my hour drew closer. I feel blessed having met this kind person who, for four years, listened to my suffering and helped me through what were probably the most painful years of my life.

  5. SanityFound Says:

    I read this post a while back but couldn’t answer it at that time for there are many factors involved, I have just written a post that relates to it and possibly best explains my therapists role in who I am today and why I am alive to say this.

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