NY Gov. Caught Using Prostitution Ring

 You may have heard recent news  about NY Gov. Elliot Spitzer getting caught allegedly using the services of high priced call girls in a prostitution ring, specificially one $4600. evening of revels. There is  an excellent article about this  in Live Science called “Why Power and Prostitution Go Together.”  It talks about the psychology of men in power and, as the old saying goes, power corrupts.  There is a long line of men (I use the male gender because statistically they’re the ones in power) who have gotten caught doing things like this and you want to say, “Are ya kidding me? Did you really think you’d get away with this?”

 Its apparently the feeling of invincibility, that once they reach a certain point on the political ladder they can’t be touched.  Also, I think, a feeling of entitlement. In addition to an illustrious line of politicians caught with, pardon the expression, their pants down, the psychology here reminds me  of Tony Soprano.  

In his prior position as NY State’s attorney general, Spitzer proscecuted two prostitution rings. Here’s a defining moment he could have done without.



2 Responses to “NY Gov. Caught Using Prostitution Ring”

  1. amberfireinus Says:

    Very interestingly this is a subject that maybe I can add to from a psychological view.

    In my circle of close friends, none of us grew up with money, yet all of us ended up being what most would call rich. Some ended up OH MY GOD rich. Especially with the Dot.Com industry.

    My girlfriend, who is also studying to be a therapist (the tree) and I had a discussion about the changes in us all since becoming rich/wealthy psychologically. And to be honest, in some ways the change for some of us wasn’t good.

    When you get to the point in wealth where you can literally afford anything, where you can buy anything, you start testing your own boundaries. Shopping and buying after a while becomes boring so you start seeking the next thrill to fill your life.

    For many people they go for extreme sports. Yet others start dabbling in extreme sex. The use of prostitutes, all kinds of extreme sexual activities that just gets more and more extreme as time goes on. They never become satisfied.. its like women who are shopaholics. They can never buy enough.

    When you get to the point in life where you are rich enough where you can literally can have someone murdered for your viewing pleasure it does something to you inside. It twists you. Unless you are extremely healthy mentally, You get that God complex. That Im invicible. I can do anything I want. Soon though, everything becomes boring.

    Alot of our executive husbands use prostitutes and other things not because they arent happy with their wives… simply because …. THEY CAN.

    This is such a sad sad sad subject…

    Just thought I would put my two cents worth in.

  2. leafless Says:

    It could have something to do with his background. He came from a rich and powerful family. He used to get what he wanted without much consequence. I feel sad for such person.

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